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Oh So Surreal! Tuesday,Jan 31 2017

OGz Win!!!

Championship Sunday! Sunday,Jan 29 2017



Finals Preview - Season 11 Saturday,Jan 28 2017

Match-up: ogz vs. eagles

Time: 8:30 pm

Date: January 29, 2017

Place: Queens HS of Teaching, Glen Oaks Queens

Tagline: Season 11 Chip for All the Marbles

Both of these teams survived an unbelievable intense semifinals game.  The Eagles needed OT to finally defeat the pesky Autobots. The play of AAA was once again on show and they came through when it counted. The OGz had to overcome 6 techs, have their best shooter ejected, and persevere over and intense and physical DK squad to finally advance.   

Both of these teams play hard.  Their fire and passion is always burning.  The OGz have a more balanced squad on paper.  The Eagles always say they play hard 24 7 and feel they can out-muster anyone.  Azal has been their play maker and tone setter.  For OGz their main star is Mir Khan.  His paint presence is bar none.  And let’s not discount former DMVP Kirk.  The individual match-ups are intriguing.

This contest will be electrifying as any other.  The lead will change multiple times.  Expect multiple bodies hitting the ground.  And because QHST is wider, expect the likes of Pops and Andrew go all out!   The bench led by Shah and Randy will have their say before it is over.  However, it will come down to two individuals who are the X factors.  Thomas and Batista.  These two will have a big say in the final results.  The community sees this contest to be physical and full of non-stop action.  We hope there is no fighting.

Head-to-Head OGz vs. Eagles:

1 – Rahi vs. Andrew. Two CBL elite veterans who have been battle tested.  They do all their talking with their game not their mouths. We expect a physical match-up.  Rahi has the edge due to his better health and long range ability.  But Andrew has the edge in terms of toughness and experience in the post season.  Edge. OGz

2 – Moe Hoque vs.Adam . Both men are great shooters. Moe Hoque displayed his long range shot all season.  And so did Adam.  Moe is longer so may grab some boards – however, Adam is not afraid to drive in.  We see this even.    Edge: EVEN

3 - Kirk vs. Azal. Two men who love to play defense.  They take pride in defending the best opponent guard.  Kirk is a reigning DMVP who loves to cherry pick after he creates havoc.  His motor never stops running.  Azal is the battery life for his squad.  Should be a dandy.  Edge: Even

4 - Mir vs. Thomas. Two men built differently and play differently.  Thomas is never afraid to go for a rebound.  He is always boxing out and never is afraid to bang with the best of them.  Mir Khan is a finesse baller.  At times he shies away from the physical contact.  However, with that physique he usually has the edge.  We see these two canceling each other out.  Mir may be the better defender; Thomas is the better offender.  Edge. OGz

5 – Batista vs. Waqas/Ibrahim.  Batista is a powerful athletic big man.  He can penetrate and or dominate the paint.  He is a legit star who loves the big show.  His opponent might be Thomas but likely Waqas or Ibrahim will guard him.  Waqas is a savvy veteran who is not afraid to take and make the 3 in big spots, as we saw in Semis.  Ibrahim is a blue collar guy who gives it all.  At the end Batista gets the edge for his versatility and strength.  Edge: OGz


The Bench is even. OGz have Pops and the very inspired Shah.  Eagles have Randy, CJ, and Waqas.  All three have contributed nicely towards a very successful season.  Edge: EVEN


Eagles must open the floor to their advantage. Which means get the ball to Thomas quickly.  Avoid the traps and have a second ball handler ready as soon as they press. Move the rock fast and stay composed.  On defense they must play straight as the OGz have so many weapons.  Perhaps zone will work.  For the OGz it comes down to making smart choices.  They are so talented that they forget the score and start letting their opponent back in it.  The key is to have Rahi keep everyone relaxed and set smart plays on defense.  Do not take any lead for granted OGz.


The community sees this contest as a physical one with multiple lead changes and ties.  The team that plays smart – meaning less turnovers and smart shots should prevail.  Based on the fact that when the OGz full roster attends (not counting Kamil), they are perfect, it is a good indicator they will be the CHAMPS.  Score Prediction: OGz 64, Eagles 60

All - Star & Finals Saturday,Jan 28 2017

All Star Itinerary - Sunday, Jan 29th, 2017

Food & Drinks


6:45 PM Check-In

7:00 PM 3 Pt Contest

7:45 PM Blue Collar All Star Game

8:45 PM Final Tip Off

10:00 PM Finals Post Game/Season Awards

10:20 PM 30 + vs. under 30 - All Star Game

Semis Preview: OGz Vs Dark Knights Thursday,Jan 26 2017

Match-up: ogz vs. Dark Knights

Time: 9:05 pm

Date: January 26, 2017

Place: RFK, Flushing Queens

Tagline: To Get to the Chip!

OGz had an easy road to the Semis as they beat a tired PPs team who were playing a back-to-back after a wildcard win.  The Dark Knights had to overcome the stingy play of Usama and Omar who pushed them to the limit and barely held on for a few point win.  

This contest will be electrifying.  There are so many storylines such as Batista taking on the team that signed him during the offseason then traded him after week 3 to OGz as part of a 3-way deal with the Eagles.  And what about the return of the Begawala boys?  After two subpar seasons, they are back in form and ready to advance to the finals as a duo for the first time since 2010.  As far as the OGz, they are simply the best team in CBL30 this season.  Their top five consist of Mir Khan, Moe Hoque, Rahi, Batista, and Kirk.  WOW!  Kaptain Kamil left no stones unturned to formulate this team.  Let’s not forget Mir used to play with the Begawala boys in CBL elite.

The community sees this contest to be physical, emotional, and absolutely a classic.  Hold on to the roof.

Head-to-Head OGz vs. Dark Knights:

1 – Rahi vs. Zia. Rahi gets the edge here. He is quicker and a primetime ball mover.  Zia can shoot three’s but really that is all.  Look for Rahi to eat him up every chance he gets.  Edge. OGz

2 – Moe Hoque vs. Maaz. Both men are great shooters. Moe Hoque is a legend in NJ. But Maaz can also penetrate and grab rebounds.  He is a legit superstar and therefore he gets the edge.  Maaz will be trying to get to his second finals after losing in Season 8 so expect added motivation.  Edge: Dark Knights

3 - Kirk vs. Moe B. Both men are the engine. And let’s call it turbo engine. They know how to move the ball and their team.  Moe B is the best shooter in a clutch situation as he once scored 55 in a semis game.  Kirk is the best defender CBL has ever seen in a point guard.  And you better believe Moe B will be defended.  This contest will be between the best offender vs. the best defender.  Community likes Moe B because this is his time of the year and he is long overdue.  Edge: Dark Knights

4 - Mir vs. Ham. Captain Ham will have the job to defend arguably the best player in Season 11.  He is a defensive beast who is stronger than any wall Trump will build. They call him King Khan aka Mir.  We won’t disclose if Mir won any awards until Sunday but let’s just say Ham will have his hands full.  But let’s give Ham credit - he won multiple defensive awards and may shock the CBL nation with his play over Mir.  Edge. OGz

5 – Batista vs. Hanny.  The last match-up will be the best match-up.  Both men are in top notch shape.  When Hamdy traded for Hanny, many said that was a terrible trade and even ridiculed him including this crack-head writer.  We will know for sure who the trade really benefited after this game is over. As of now, both teams are benefactors.  Both men can score, dribble, block, and dominate the paint.  Hanny is younger and has an edge because he has great perimeter shooters who should make his job easier.  Edge: Dark Knights


The Bench is even.  Dark Knights have a good shooter in Tanzeel and former champ in Faiq.  OGz have Pops who will love to shatter Moe B’s dream again (as he has done in prior seasons) and last man on the bench -- guard Shah who had the best game of his career in Rd 1.  All four men could play a huge part.  Edge: EVEN


For the OGz it is utilizing Kirk and Rahi to stop Moe B.  If Moe B gets trapped and things are difficult for him, then Dark Knights chances are limited.  For Dark Knights it is breaking free from the trap defense and getting Hanny to remain composed, as sometimes Hanny loses focus.  The OGz have more talent and hustle.  They just need to continue with the same game plan during the season.


The community sees this contest as a grind-it-out type contest.  We expect hard fouls, referee complaints, and numerous outbursts.  The action on the floor will be intense.  We expect big games from the stars and the fans will go home happy.  At the end, it will be Kaptain Kamil who will get back to the Chip game with his loaded team. Score Prediction: OGz 63, Dark Knights 60 in OT.

Semis Preview: Autobots Vs Eagles Wednesday,Jan 25 2017

Match-up: Autbots vs. EAGLES

Time: 7:40 pm

Date: January 26, 2017

Place: RFK, Flushing Queens

Tagline: To Get to the Chip!

He is a defense first guard from Brooklyn who handles the ball well and hustles every play and is not afraid to put his team on check if they fall out of sync.  He is also a guard from Brooklyn who takes pride in setting up his teammates on offense while managing the flow of the game and can leap high as superman.  They both joined after week 3.  They are Azal of the Eagles and Rishi of the Autobots and will be the marque match-up in the Semis of Season 11, game 1.      

Both teams play the game with high IQ and pride.  Captain Fahad made numerous changes to get his team here.  Captain Farooq also made key changes after an 0-4 start.  In their prior match-up, the ABs won but that was ages ago with a much different landscape on both sides. 

This time around it will be a totally different ball game.

Head-to-Head Autobots vs. Eagles:

1 – Fahad vs Andrew. Both veterans of CBL Andrew’s resume includes Finals MVP, Defensive MVP, and a few chips.  Fahad’s resume includes post season success as well which includes Season 6 chip.  Their games are different.  Fahad relies on the 3 ball and psh psh (just kidding).  Andrew likes the open floor and is a defense first player.  He and Farooq have been successful in the past.  Edge. EAGLES

2 - Nick vs. Thomas. Both men play with a lot of passion in a very quiet way.  Nick is the best cut-in scorer in the league.  His rebounding a shot blocking is a major threat to the offense.  Thomas is one of the best pounders on the boards.  The man never gives up on a board.  And he isn’t too shabby on the open floor.  But Nick is younger and a little more experienced with organized ball.  Edge: AUTOBOTS

3 - Rishi vs.Azal.  A dream match-up for the fans.  Both men are the bloodline for their team.  They control the offensive flow and set the tempo for their team.  Azal is a vocal leader and Rishi is a cerebral weapon.  Any way you look at it, there is no one particular edge one has over the other.  This match-up could go down as the most even in CBL’s history.  Edge: EVEN

4 – Darwin vs. Waqas/Ibrahim. Waqas and Darwin love to shoot from beyond the perimeter.  Darwin is younger and stronger.  Therefore, his defense is a tad better.  However, Waqas is a street baller and can gain the edge in a heart-beat.  Meanwhile Ibrahim is a paint player.  His defense and offense are all generated in the paint.  He is tough old-school baller with a scruffy look and headband.  Something out of the 80s.  Community gives the edge to Darwin due to his superior offense.  Edge: AUTOBOTS

5 – Arif vs. Adam.  Two small guards who can dribble and light it up from beyond the arc.  Arif loves to go left and shoot from the corners.  Adam can shoot from anywhere.  The key for Adam is that he has to be fed the ball to stay hot.  If he gets cold, then he will likely be ineffective.  But overall, Adam gets the edge due to his scoring average. Edge: EAGLES


The bench favors Eagles as they have CJ, Randy, and Ibrahim or Waqas.  They each know their role and have contributed to a successful season.   Meanwhile the Autobots only have LJ who is a great ball handler and scorer but he may not be enough.  Unfortunately for the Autbots Chris is injured.  Edge: EAGLES


If Autobots want to win, they must space the floor on offense and not give in to a smothering defensive of AAA.  On defense, they need to play straight up and don’t let anyone get too comfortable.   For the Eagles, they need to get balanced scoring.  Last week they played an intimidated YBD squad who appeared tired.  This week the Autobots will be healthy and rearing to go.  Therefore, they can’t get shot happy.  They must move the rock and get balanced scoring.


The community likes the Autobots in a very closely contested intense game which will be decided in the final minute.  Having Rishi is a major weapon as he can control his team’s destiny.  While the Eagles have AAA and Thomas, the rest of the guys are spotty and could really lay an egg.  And after the Autobots knocked off the No. 1 seed, how can anyone go against them?  Score Prediction: Autobots 60, Eagles 57

4 Remain! Tuesday,Jan 24 2017



Only 4 remain! Who will get a chance to play for the ultimate prize? Find out this Thursday at 7.30PM.
Final Four Set Monday,Jan 23 2017

2017 Playoffs Final Four Set!  OGz vs. DK and ABs vs. Eagles all advance to Semis

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Abu Hurairah (RA) reported: Messenger of ALLAH (PBUH) said, "Every day the sun rises charity (sadaqah) is due on every joint of a person: you administer justice between two men is a charity; and assisting a man to mount his beast, or helping him load his luggage on it is charity; and a good word is a charity; and every step you take (towards the mosque) for Salat (prayer) is a charity and removing harmful things from the road is a charity".

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Queens Finest 11 1
Dark Knights 9 3
OGz 9 3
YBD 8 4
Eagles 8 4
Autobots 7 5
Mujahideen 7 5
Priscilla Panthers 6 6
WildCard Winner 0 0
Imaan 5 7
Blazers 3 9
Maple Park 3 9
Lights Out 2 10
Royals 0 12

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Royals Rafael 27.36
Mujahideen Usama 24.4
Lights Out Elijah 24
Priscilla Panthers Azfar 23.27
Eagles Adam 20.83
Maple Park Farhad 19.33

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