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Pops Corner: Finals Highlights Saturday,Jul 5 2014

Last Words 6 Wednesday,Jul 2 2014

Final Article, Season 6:
As we transition out of this season and into Ramadan, the CBL organizers would like to sincerely thank everyone for their participation. †The season was filled with a number of new faces, as well as the usual exhilarating moments that only CBL is accustomed to producing.†With 11 teams and Ramadan looming, there were a number of scheduling complexities which were dealt with effectively mainly due to the cooperation and flexibility of the Captains.†In fact, we played games at 3 different venues over a 7 day period.†A CBL record. When the final standings were posted, the separation between the first place team and 9th place team was 3 games.†So the parity goal was accomplished. The Decepticons clinched first place due to the lights out shooting of Farhan and Munir.†Congratulations to Moe B and the rest of his team for another great regular season.†
The playoffs were exciting as always.†The Chargers won two games in back-to-back nights to clinch the last spot. Primetime pulled off a huge upset as they knocked out a talented DarkKnights squad.†Hopefully Captain Kamil and his mates will feel a sense of accomplishment in getting their team to the semifinals.†The Masterminds finally got over the hump and knocked out the Decepticons to get to the Chip game where they were defeated by the talented Autobots team in a thrilling end where the Masterminds cut the lead to one in the final minute after trailing by double digits almost the entire game.†The Autobots may have had a slight advantage in talent but there was no better TEAM than them.†Their chemistry and overall style on and off the court was an inspiration to all.†Congratulations to Captain Fahad and his teammates on their first ever CHIP in CBL 30. ††Nick with his strong efforts earned the MVP of finals.
Here are your award winners of Season 6:
Most Valuable Player: Co-Winners: Munir, Decepticons and Shafiq, DarkKnights
Best Defensive Player: Jean, Masterminds
Best Sportsman: Mamoon, Bandits
Best Rookie: Devaughn, Autobots
Best Villain: Kamil, Primetime
3pt Contest Winner: Juan, Bandits
All Star MVP: Shafiq, Imaan
Finals MVP: Nick, Autobots ††
Congratulations to another great Season.
Ramadan Kareem.

Finals Preview: Masterminds Vs. Autobots Tuesday,Jul 1 2014


Time: 8:40 pm

Date: June 26, 2014

Place: RFK, Flushing Queens

Tagline: For the CHIP!

So after a long season full of passionate basketball, new faces, scheduling complexities, and even a few surprises in the playoffs, we have finally arrived to yet another CHIP game. Many say that if you never win a CHIP in CBL then your career is left incomplete.Well these finals there are a few guys who would love to have a Ďcompleteí career.

The two teams who will be performing at this seasonís biggest stage on June 26th at RFK are none other than the MASTERMINDS of Queens&LI and the AUTOBOTS of Brooklyn&Queens.Could these two teams be more different?The Masterminds yelled, clawed, screamed, and sweated to the finals (just look at Aliís antics in the semifinals game).All along they played within the spirit their captain Pops instructed.We witnessed Ali Ladak come through in a huge way in the semifinals victory over the Decepticons Ė where he single handedly finished off the Deceps with a strong second half with huge 3ís and locked down defense.Meanwhile, their opponent Autobots quietly went about their business without any fan fair.Each player knew their role and delivered week in week out.Devaughn, Nick, Mohamed, Darwin, Chris, and Saher followed the lead of their captain Fahad - whose style is one of calm, poise, and confidence.The Autobots team quickly became known as a team that had the best chemistry.And as a result became an inspirational to all in CBL.

This contest, the community anticipates could possibly have mixed results. Some predict the Autobots to dominate and winning by a large margin.Others have Masterminds winning due to their experience.†† Based on our assessment we see this as being a very physical match-up where Masterminds will throw everything at Devaughn and Nick to slow them down.We donít expect Autobots to change their game significantly.They will feature Chris as the main ball handler and feed it to Devaughn and Nick in the paint or to Fahad and Darwin beyond the arc. Mohamed will be crashing and hustling for loose balls.

Head-to-Head Masterminds vs. Autobots:

1 Ė Alfredo vs. Devaughn. This key power forward match-up may be the best ever. Alfredo may be the best defender than can guard Devaughn as his strength and strong hands could be a major advantage for Masterminds.But donít discount Devaughnís ability to remain resilient and take his game up a notch.Alfredo will have the edge in rebounding.Therefore, we feel this will be an even match-up. Edge. EVEN

2 - Ali vs. Nick. Ali takes pride in his defense as he was one of the best shot blockers in the league this season.And we know he can score based on his performances vs. Deceps last week.Nick is also a solid player with his ability to score in the paint and run the open floor.This should be another interesting dual.Edge: EVEN

3 - Issac vs. Mohamed. Both men love to hustle and run the open floor.Mohamedís defense is better but Isaacís offense is better.This too will likely be a wash.But if Mohamed can score, he will certainly give his team the edge.Edge: EVEN

4 - Jean vs. Fahad. In this match-up, Jean has the height advantage and is a better defender.In fact, for those that donít know, Jean is a candidate for Defensive MVP.Fahad has the shooting advantage, as he is known for his big shots down the stretch.In fact his shot last week in the final minutes versus Primetime was a huge momentum shifter for his team.The community sees this as another even contest.Edge: EVEN

5 - Jon vs. Chris. These two went at it in last seasonís finals when Chris was on Deceps.We expect this to be an intense match-up as both men are good ball handlers and play a balanced style on both sides of the court.Due to the fact Chris has played with his guyís longer, he has a slight advantage.Edge: AUTOBOTS


The bench will be a huge factor because of the rising temperature and limited ventilation at RFK.The Masterminds have a huge edge with the power forward Khalil who can be a starter on any team, Pops who plays great defense and commits rigid fouls, Asad who scored 7pts last week, and Andy who can provide that hustle.The Autobots only have Darwin and the injured Saher.Darvin has the ability to score 20+ and could be enough depth needed.Edge: Masterminds


On paper, the Autobots have the edge due to the fact that each player is very successful in their roles and they have the ability to score consistently.Masterminds may play with more emotion and seem to want it more largely due to their on the court behavior, but donít let the mild manners of Autobots fool you.They are hungrier as anyone.Just look at the video after they lost to TWSS.The community sees this is a half court type of contest with the Masterminds using their deep bench to apply the physical pressure on Devaugh.The X factor will be Darvin of Autobots and Ali Ladak of Masterminds.Whichever one plays better, his team will win the Chip.Score Prediction: Autobots 58, Masterminds 54.

Finals Setup Monday,Jun 30 2014

Finals Itinerary - June 26th RFK Thursday,Jun 26 2014

June 26th, Finals Itinerary:

7:50 PM: Best Shooters Contest

Contestants: Waqas (Thunder), Juan (Bandits),

Farhan (Decepticons), Arwin (Primetime), Shafiq (DK),

Munir (Decepticons), Alim (Chargers), Shafiq (Imaan).

8:30 PM: Maghrib Prayers

8:40 PM: Finals Tipoff

9:30 PM: Hall Court Shooting Contest - Raffle

9:55 PM: Award Presentations

10:20 PM: All Star Game

Food Will Be Served at Halftime of Finals

Five Final Questions: Masterminds Wednesday,Jun 25 2014

Five Final Questions:

Masterminds: Captain Pops Alam.Papu ĎPopsí Alam is not only a huge social media symbol in CBL with his award winning Pops Corner, he is also the coach of one of the more successful and notable franchises in CBLís history.They are called the Masterminds.††Popís team will be making their second consecutive appearance in the finals and hope to win it this time around.We sat down with Pops on the eve of the finals and asked him five important questions.Check out his interview:

1.-Now that you defeated the Decepticons is there a sense of relief? What was the key in winning over them?
There is relief because I owed it to my team and to the fans who came to watch the MasterMinds play at the finals last season. I didn't embrace the moment when I was in the finals. Looking back at it, I realized that I probably didn't give it my 100%.Quite honestly I donít know the reasons.
The key this time was shutting down Moe B's weapons. We shut Farhan down from the start of the game and never gave him any open looks. As the game went on we doubled Munir. With none of his guys getting in a groove, Moe B took it upon himself to carry his team. That's when I sent the Rex Ryan defense blitzing 3 guys at Moe forcing him to take bad shots.

2. Do you expect Ali Ladak to have a similar game to last week? What motivated him to have an absolute excellent game?
I expect Ali to have a big game. I have been coaching him to be the elite player that I know he can be and its finally coming into play.

3. What are your views on the Autobots? What defensive scheme will you use versus them? Autobots are a tough team to cover.
Their basketball IQ is one of the best in CBL 30, and each player knows their role.
I'm defensive minded so I have different packages I'm going throw at them. I'm still going through some game planning . Plus I don't want to give all my secrets away!

4. This is your 4th appearance in the finals. Your team's second. Do you feel there is a sense of urgency? I mean people are calling you the Bills? Please elaborate.
I go as far as my team can take me. There is no pressure on me, no sense of urgency . We are the underdogs in this match up. If my team doesn't win the chip; believe me I'll still be happy. This was an awesome ride with a great group of guys on the Mastermind team.
I just love competing in any sport and giving everything I can to win.

5. What is the major difference from this season's team compared to last season?
This season I have multiple shooters. It's not only Isaac carrying us on his back for offense. Also our basketball IQ went up. I need ppl listening to my game planning . Its all about execution and understanding your role within the team. I preach that and my team believes in it. What else can you ask for?

Past Finals List Tuesday,Jun 24 2014

CBL 30 Champions of The Past, By Season:
Winner Opponent Coach MVP
Bandits Fab 5 Farooq Waqas Chaudhry
Fab 5 Warriors Yasar Muzzammil Hafeez
Bandits Decepticons Sammy D Andrew Peters
Chargers Fab 5 Amin Hussaini Alim Nausrudeen
Decepticons Masterminds Moe B. Moe B.

Five Final Questions: Autobots Monday,Jun 23 2014

Five Final Questions:

Autobots: Captain Fahad Samad.  Fahad has played in the CBL30 division since season 2.  He is known for his quiet demeanor and hitting clutch 3’s.  He even has banked a few in without calling it.  This is his first time around as Captain and he has done a tremendous job with the Autobots in terms of talent and bringing in good overall guys that respect the league.  Check out his interview leading up to the finals:

1.-So is there a special feeling knowing that you are in the finals and your former Deceps team has been eliminated? Did you want to face them?

Not really, we as a team really were looking forward to playing against the Decepticons, especially since during our regular season game they were beating us by 18 points and eventually went on to win the game. It would have been great to see their offense against our offense. We know there game and they know our game so it would have been great to see who comes out ahead.


2.-What are your thoughts of the Masterminds? What are some strengths and weaknesses on Masterminds?

The masterminds have a very experienced team that does not give up, I know from first hand because I was there when they came back from a 20 point deficit to beat us. The fact that they have made it to the finals 2 straight season says quite a bit about their resiliency. The master minds strength is there 3 point defense, and rebounds. When it comes to 3 point defense they have the ability to quickly recover even if they weren't on their assignment. They have great shot blocking ability in Ali as well. even with all their strength there are some noticeable weakness which we were able to exploit, as good as there 3 point defense is, there interior defense is weak and often gets confused when the ball is passed more than 2 times. The longer there point guards dribbles the less chance they will have of putting up an efficient shot. There are times when the team loses its composure and does not get back to its defensives sets, at this time we recognize what's going on the court and take advantage by pressing the ball. When playing against other team we noticed a lot of time the opposing team is too busy yelling at each other (which should never happen) so when we see this we immediately push the ball down court for an easy shot.


3.-You and Chris were part of the team that defeated this Masterminds team. Don you feel you have an edge as a result of that fact?

No I don't believe we have an edge as 2 of the teams we had defeated earlier nearly came back and won, the finals is a whole different animal and nothing can be taken lightly.


4.-Everyone keeps saying that your team has the best team chemistry in the league? Do you agree? How do you teach chemistry? What is main reason your team has built such positive chemistry?

I do agree that we have the best chemistry and there are very simple reasons for that. We practice. We play together 2x a week outside of the Thursday night ball and many cases we practice on specific plays. The other reason is we encourage each other no matter whether we miss shots or make shots. The encouragement rather than criticizing works wonders for people’s confidence when they have to take there next shot. We have noticed around the league that people get angry and upset; sometimes walking off the court and this is something we will never do. In order to build chemistry you have to support each other and continue to pass the ball until you get an open shot. If someone shoots too many time and there was a man open we let the player know and the next play is adjusted accordingly.  The other thing that helps chemistry is to play solid defense by constantly talking to each other and calling out your assignment loud so that everyone can hear it. The team also recognizes when one of our player is being defensively that he will gladly pass off the ball to the next available guy. a perfectly example of this is for the last few games devaughn was being doubled team, so in turn he started passing the ball off to me and Darwin which created easy and open shots for us. We don't win because of 1 exceptional player we win because each guy is willing to sacrifice his game to get the win and that's what really counts in the end.



5. In your team, tell us who is the following and why?

A- Funniest:  Chris

B- Most Annoying: Saher

C- Most naturally gifted: Devaughn

D- Most reliable off the court: Chris



Hadith - July 2014

Islam is a comprehensive and balanced religion that regulates life and the future of man. It also concerned with the affairs of the individual and the society; the individualís affairs include his soul, body and mind. Islam wants believers to be strong in their soul, body and mind. Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said: ďThe strong Muslim is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak Muslim.Ē

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Decepticons 7 3
DarkKnights 7 3
Autobots 7 3
Masterminds 6 4
Bandits 5 5
Primetime 5 5
Imaan 5 5
Thunder 4 6
Chargers 4 6
Team With Sports Spirit 3 7
FAB 5 2 8

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Decepticons Munir 23.67
Imaan Shafiq Yasin 19
Autobots Devaughn 17.43
DarkKnights Shafiq 17.13
Thunder Ennis 17
Thunder Saffi 16.5
Chargers Alim 15.88

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