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At MidPoint of Season! 

Pops Corner - Week 5 Games Sunday,Nov 23 2014

Pops Corner - W/Fahad & NIck Of ABs Sunday,Nov 23 2014

Week 6 Results Friday,Nov 21 2014

Week 6 Results All Games:



Results and Recap

Game 1 @ RFK

Primetime vs. Autobots

The new look PT squad failed to get a win, as the Autobots played smothering defense, hit timely, shots & earned a MUCH needed win.  Final Score: ABs 46, PT 37.  ABs with this win, are now back in the thick of things.  Let’s see if the momentum continues after the break. 

Game 2 @RFK

Fab 5 vs. Decepticons

It appeared Fab 5 learned their lesson from a prior week loss.  This time around they kept the pedal to the metal the entire game.  Simply put, they kept the pressure on the M&M boys all night.  Captain Yasar set the tone with his hard nose defense & timely 3’s. Maaz played the role of superstar with his perimeter shooting & crisp passing.  Little Bro held his own vs. Big Bro.  But the player of the game was Junior with his unmatched penetration to the basket & his will to out-hustle its opponent.  Junior finished with 20+ points & double digit rebounds.  Final Score: Fab 5, 52, Deceps 43.      

Game 3 @ RFK

Imaan vs. TWSS

Imaan set the tone early by playing very strong defense & taking TWSS out of rhythm. TWSS matched Imaan’s defense but the big men of TWSS had difficulty scoring & grabbing rebounds.  Imaan led the entire game mainly due to their smart passing & suffocating defense in the paint.  Imaan extended the lead to double digits at the 3 min mark.  That is when the team with spirit lost their cool & the game.  Final Score: Imaan 44, TWSS 34.



Game 4 @ QHST

Masterminds vs. Chargers

In a physically tightly contested game, the MMs outlast the Chargers and win it by 4.  In the final few minutes MM was able to make the plays to seal the win.  Final Score: MM 49, Chargers 45.       

Game 5 @ QHST

Thunder vs. PPS

In the upset of the season, the lower rated PPs shocked CBL nation by soundly defeating a talented Thunder team.  It was too much Omar that paralyzed Thunder.  His penetration & energy were too much for Thunder to overcome.  Captain Muzz team playoff hopes are very well alive with their 2nd win.  Final Score: PPs, 64, Thunder 53.   

Game 6 @ QHST

GoodFellas vs. Bandits

In a defensive battle, the Bandits were able to grind out a win over a physical but lethargic GoodFellas squad.  Despite the personnel shakeup the GFs still had scoring issues.  With this loss, they sit in the cellar tied with PT.  Meanwhile, the Bandits sit atop of the standings at 5-1 at the midpoint mark.  Final Score, Bandits 50, GF’s 44.

Team Transactions Notice Thursday,Nov 20 2014

Breaking News: The following transactions have been approved by the league and take effect immediately:


·         Kamil has relinquished his captaincy and the new Captain is Wais. 

·         Arwin has been traded to GoodFellas for Moe H

·         Shiraz has been acquired off the waiver wire.    


·         Acquired Arwin via trade with PrimeTime for Moe H


Week 6: Schedule Previews And Predictions Wednesday,Nov 19 2014

Week 6 Schedule: Thursday Nov 20th @RFK & Sunday Nov 23rd @ QHST:

Thursday – November 20, 2014 @ RFK HS:



Preview & Prediction

7:15 pm

Primetime vs. Autobots

These two may be the most talented 1-4 teams in the history of CBL30. This Thurs they square off in a semifinals rematch. The ABs has to be considered favorite, as they still have the key chips from the CHIP season. PT is facing injuries & poor overall play.  The community sees Captain Kamil’s team going down in a lopsided loss as the ABs will finally wake up & take advantage of an injury ridden PT who refuses to drive to the paint.  At the end, the low post players for ABs will be too much to handle for PT.  Score Prediction ABs 55, PT 48. 

8:15 pm

Fab 5 vs. Decepticons

Fab 5 are coming off a tough loss in the hands of TWSS. Captain Yasar stated his team was rusty. Well this week’s opponent in the Decepticons will WAKE them up because the feature matchup will be Moe vs. Maaz – the two brothers. The Deceps will be missing Kash but the M&M boys will be more than enough to hold their own.  The keys for Fab 5 would be to take away the perimeter shooting & force Deceps to penetrate. Meanwhile, the keys to victory for Deceps will be to shutdown Maaz.  Let someone else beat you.  The experts think that Fab 5 is too versatile & therefore will prevail in a high scoring contest. Score Prediction: Fab 5 58, Deceps 54.    

9:15 pm

Imaan vs. TWSS

TWSS had a great week. Their win over Fab 5 was a true team win. This week it won’t get easier as they face a versatile Imaan team who added a valuable piece in Shukhon. With Tariq, Shafiq, & Shukhon this team has no weakness.  The community sees Shukhon giving Juju a run for his money with his excellent ball handling & penetration ability which will create shots for Tariq & Shafiq. On paper the TWSS do not match up well with the quicker Imaan team.  The key for TWSS will be to match the intensity & quickness of Imaan - which means, they have to get back on D. This means you Waqas & Mike.  Score prediction: Imaan 50, TWSS 47.


Sunday – November 23, 2014 @ QHST:



Preview & Prediction

7:05 pm

Masterminds vs. Chargers

These two teams have been battling it out for years. The MM has the same squad from last season led by Alfredo, Ali, Gene, & Khalil. Chargers lost AR & Yazeed but Omar’s addition has lit a fire into the entire team which may be the difference this week as the community does not see an answer for Omar’s strength & speed.  Khalil aka Mr. Clutch may have hit a big shot to win the game for MM but this week’s margin will be too much for MM to win at the buzzer.  Score Prediction: Chargers 52, MM 40.     

8:05 pm

Thunder vs. PPS

Talk about a lopsided match-up. Based on recent results, Thunder is hands down the favorite in each major category -- shooting, rebounding, speed, & penetration. The community does not give this upstart franchise much of a chance because they are still building blocks and injuries to their star Muzz will paralyze them over the course of a game in such a big gym.  Score Prediction: Thunder 58, PPs 41.

9:05 pm

GoodFellas vs. Bandits

The last game before our first break will feature two teams heading into the opposite direction.  The Bandits have cohesion, preparation, & balanced talent.   GFs only have some talent.  Their cohesiveness is weak.  Their preparation has flaws.  But if Andre attends he could be a huge difference in the final result as there is no one on the Bandits that can stop him.  The community sees this as a back & forth battle with many lead changes & ties.  In the end the Bandits will once again prevail because of their history together.  Score Prediction: Bandits 51, GFs 46  

Pops Corner - Latest Edition Monday,Nov 17 2014

Mid-Way Power Rankings Sunday,Nov 16 2014

Power Rankings - Midway Point


Is their a hotter duo than Nadeeb & Saffi right now?  The two of them have been lights out shooting wise.  CBL30s version of Seth Curry and Klay Thompson have help though.  They have the most complete player on their roster in Ennis as well.  Their Defense smothered GF last week.  We will see if they can continue their winning way rest of the season.



A tough L to the Decepts dropped them from the top spot.  But they showed their resiliency versus PT last week. Make no mistake, this team is for real.  With easily one of the deepest rosters CBL has to offer they are a legit contender.



Well well...maybe we spoke to soon about them last time out.  Hey we're human.  They have won two straight against quality opponents.  One without MVP candidate Juju.  Knocking off two top 5 teams in the span of a week is a cause for moving up.  They will have to continue to play solid D rest of the way as a lack of bench and age may catch up to them.  Then again it is CBL30+.







They just win baby! Whining about scheduling aside this team has been a CBL30 mainstay.  The addition of Omar is paying dividends. If they can continue to build team chemistry and shore up their bench LOOK OUT! 




They drop slightly after a tough loss to the Chargers.  But an impressive win over Autobots last week made up for it. Historically this franchise has been great during regular season but a bust come playoffs.  Attendance continues to plague them over the years as well.  Will things change in 2015 despite all the talent? Remains to be seen.




  They were expected to make alot noise this year.  So far they have.  But after adding Hamdy we expect much bigger things from them.  TWSS took it to them down the stretch.  Cap Yasir has cleaned house from last years 1-win team. Now he has to clean up Junior's jump shot and they'll be in business.




After getting knocked down by TWSS they had to rely on a buzzer beating 3 from Khaleel vs a last place team.  Is this a cause for concern.  Maybe.  They do look like they lack some fire and passion w/o Pops lighting up the bench with his effervescent personality.  Can they drum up some more energy for another title run.  Or has the deep playoff run last few years finally caught up w. them?





After being written off as an expiring team, they came out smoking vs. the red hot Bandits.  They took out the #1 seed in a dramatic statement game.  They still have to prove they can do this over the course of an entire season.  M&M boys will need help from their newly acquired youngsters.  Some say they got some real ballers on their bench.  We will see in next few weeks.


My how the mighty have fallen.  After only losing 2 games entire season they already doubled that number this season.  Some may say their losses were by a couple of points, but that goes for majority of the league.  And their 1-win was also by a point.  We are hearing Cap Fahad has taken on Pat Riley mode and working his to death in practice.  Lets see if it pays off this wk.





No much  movement here.  Their loss to #1 Thunder was excusable due to the lack of their best player Andrei.  They def have the size but can they get some shooting and scoring to compete vs the elite?






Priscilla Panthers
A heart breaking loss to MMs may have doomed any top 8 finish.  Now their best hope is a Wild Card berth.  Can Muzz right the ship before its too late?




Speaking of ships, here's one that should have never left the dock.  With a stacked squad they blew yet another game, this time on missed FTs no less.  Dont worry PT players theres always next season, and the next and next. and next...well you catch the drift!


Week 5 Results Saturday,Nov 15 2014

Week 5 Results: ALL Games:



Results and Recap

Game 1


Imaan vs. Autobots

In a surprisingly low scoring game, Imaan took advantage of sloppy offensive play of Autobots & held on for a big win.  At the end it was the play of Shukhon the speedy point guard of Imaan who was too much to handle for Abs. This loss puts the ABs at 1-4 & a long way down from the high of last year’s Chip. What will captain Fahad do now other than make additional excuses?  Final Score: Imaan 39, Autobots 34.  

Game 2


Thunder vs. Good Fellas

Thunder came out of the gate like gang busters mainly due to the sharp shooting of the young duo of Nadeeb & Saffi.  Thunder’s defense smothered GF which created turnovers & easy scoring opportunities.  Before you knew it Thunder’s lead was in double digits. The trend continued the entire game. GFs, who were missing Andrey, made a late push but it was too little too late.  Final Score: Thunder 51, GFs 38.   

Game 3


Bandits vs. Primetime

In a defensive grind it out battle, the Bandits pulled out an OT win over the Primetime.  Both teams exchanged leads up until the final 6 mins in the 2H when PT jumped ahead by 8 & seemed to have the game in hand.  However, the Bandits shifted their D into a full court press which resulted into numerous turnovers & poor offensive formation for PT.  In a matter of few mins, the game was suddenly tied went into OT.  In OT both teams traded deep 3’s to keep the game tied. The Bandits took a 1pt lead & had a golden opportunity to seal the win but they missed free which allowed PT one more chance with 4 secs remaining.  While attempting to shoot, Arwin was fouled by the Bandits with under sec remaining.  If he sinks both, PT wins.   Unfortunately Arwin missed the first shot of the one of one and the game was over. Bandits win 47-46 in OT. 

Game 4


Priscilla Panthers vs. Masterminds

This contest went back & forth until literally the final second when Khalil of Masterminds drained a huge trey at the 0.4 sec mark to put MM up by one & seal the victory & avoided further disaster.  Check out video at Wazzap. Until that point it was a low scoring affair with many missed shots & turnovers on both sides. PPs thought they had the game won with a go ahead bucket with single digits seconds remaining. But it wasn’t mean to be, as the PPS lose another heartbreaker.  Credit should be given to PPs for playing superb for an expansion team. Final Score: MM 45, PPs 44.  


Game 5


Fab 5 vs. Team With Sports Spirit

It was a tale of two halves. 1H Fab 5 executed on offense, played smart defense & won the physical battle, as well as the rebounding battle. 2H was a different story. TWSS came out with intensity.  They set picks, moved the ball, & matched FAB 5’s intensity.  On offense Juju set up his mates with good looks which resulted into easy buckets. TWSS sealed the deal with timely free throws by CJ.  Andrew’s perimeter defense was another factor in the win, along with 4 huge 3s from Waqas. The nail in coffin was Farooqs 2nd 3pter.   Final Score: TWSS 59, Fab 5 48



Hadith - Nov 2014

Allah expects Muslims to take care of their bodies to the best of their abilities. Obesity, weakness, and physical laziness are blameworthy afflictions. Though death very well may overtake us today or tomorrow, we should physically prepare ourselves to worship Allah in our old age, should He give us long lives. While bad health and disease is often beyond our control, we must take the precautions available to us to maintain our physical health. Our bodies are gifts from Allah, and we will be held accountable for how we use them. Furthermore, a Muslim should be able to defend his or herself from aggression (which requires physical strength) and should be prepared to struggle in the path of Allah, should the occasion arise. For this reason, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has said: "The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both." (Reported by Muslim)

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Bandits 5 1
Fab 5 4 2
Masterminds 4 2
Thunder 4 2
Imaan 4 2
Chargers 3 2
Team With Sports Spirit. 3 3
Decepticons 2 3
Autobots 2 4
Priscilla Panthers 2 4
GoodFellas 1 5
Primetime 1 5

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Fab 5 Maaz Bigewala 20.17
Thunder Saffi 19.67
Decepticons Moe Bigewala 19.6
Chargers Alim 19.2
Imaan Shafiq Yasin 18.83
Decepticons Munir T 18.4
Autobots Devaughn 18.2

Upcoming Games
Thursday,Dec 4 2014
Thunder  vs  Imaan, at  7:15 @ RFK
Decepticons  vs  Masterminds, at  8:15 pm @ RFK
Primetime  vs  Chargers, at  9:15 pm @ RFK

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