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All Star Night - RFK Hgh Scool Wednesday,Jun 1 2016

All Star Night Itinerary - Thursday June 2, 2016

3 Pt Contest: 7:55 pm, Contestants



Moe H







Wazzap Game: 8:40 pm, Contestants Will be Announced Shortly,

ASG  - 9:15 pm




Moe H













Congrats IMAAN! Friday,May 27 2016

We have Imaan!  Imaan wins the Finals!!!  First ever Chip!

Exclusive Post-Game Photos!



Finals Preview Thursday,May 26 2016

Match-up: Imaan vs. Priscilla Panthers

Time: 8:30 pm

Date: May 26, 2016

Place: RFK, Flushing Queens

Tagline: The CHIP Game

Season 10 had its share of great moments. We witnessed Maple Park play in arguably two of the greatest games in CBL30 history (vs. Imaan and Caliphs), we saw a lower rated player (Sult aka Shukhan) score 37 points, and of course we saw the same passion we are accustomed to in the post season where majority of the games were not decided till the final minute highlighted by Maple Park’s 83 minute dramatic marathon on opening night of the post season and the Imaan vs Caliphs Semis which went down to the wire.  Also, let’s not forget the introduction of some new brothers such as Ivan, Farhad, etc. 

So now we arrive at the Finals where Imaan will take on the Priscilla Panthers who made CBL30 history by finishing with the best record ever.  The question is can they win one more to reach CBL30 immortality?  They have the personnel in Omar and the great Kawasi and the sharp shooter Muzz.  Will that be enough vs. the awesome foursome of Imaan consisting of Wais, Sayem, Tariq, and Zak?  The community predictions are pretty even.  Some say Imaan has a great shooting team but not enough penetrators and finishers like PPs.  One thing is for sure is that both teams have talented personnel which will make the game very exciting and close.  We expect a doozy with lead changes, ties, and lots of fancy plays.  

Head-to-Head Imaan vs. Priscilla Panthers:

1 – Sayem vs. Muzz. Two of the best shooters beyond the arc will go at it.  Sayem has been consistent with his 3s all season and there is no reason to believe he will stay quiet this game.  Muzz is averaging 4 3s a game and he too will deliver in our opinion.  The question is who will be relied on to score more?  The community thinks its Sy and he will get the edge especially due to Tariq and Zak who will draw a lot of attention.  Edge. IMAAN

2 – Wais vs. Omar. Both men play with a lot of pride and passion.  Their energy is unmatched, as well as their speed for a power forward.  Wais can always find a way to get inside the paint.  Omar is the main igniter for this team. He can easily earn a triple double on any given night.  There is nothing he cannot do and that is why he gets the edge.  Edge: PPs

3 - Tariq vs. Kawasi. Talk about a dream match-up. Two men in their 30s who have seen it all will go head to head.  Tariq can rebound, pass, and shoot.  Kawasi can play lock down D and finish in the paint.  The question is will Tariq spread the floor and force Kawasi to the perimeter?  If so, the edge goes to Tariq.  But the community sees Kawasi playing to his strengths – therefore this is an even match-up of two great players.  Edge: EVEN

4 - Zak vs. Marc. Yes. Zak is a point guard and Marc is a shooting forward.  But we don’t’ see any other matchup for these two.  The edge goes to Zak here as he can drain the 3 and make the key pass when needed.  We feel that is slightly better than Marc who can block shots and rebound.  However, he can’t match Zak’s shooting.  Edge: IMAAN

5 – Ammad vs. Arfan.  Two excellent defenders will round off the starting line-up.  Both of these men are physically and mentally tough.  Every way you look at it they are even.  Size, stature, scoring, defense, and team value.  Edge: EVEN


The bench is equal in our opinion.  Imaan has Hasan and Omer.  Hasan can jump for a board and hit the open jumper and lay-up.  PPs have the energetic Maaz and the rough and tough Freddie.  Maaz is confident from the arc and Freddie is not afraid to bang the paint.  Edge: EVEN


Although they have a different style on offense and defense, both of these teams are built evenly.  They both can play D and both have sound offenses’.  The community sees this as the greatest finals in the 10 season history of the CBL30. We expect multiple lead changes, ties, dives, put-backs, and even a few not so friendly words.  The X factor will be Kawasi and Sayem, as both of these men have the ability to give their team the edge a team needs in the finals.  Sy with his lightening like shooting and Kawasi with his ability to own the paint.  The victor will be whoever has the better game from the two.  And chances are one of them will be the MVP of the finals.  The community predicts Imaan will finally win their first ever cup in OT in a high scoring dramatic contest.  Score: Imaan 75, PPs 72 in OT. 

Predictions From The Community - Updated Version Wednesday,May 25 2016

CBL30 Season 10 Finals (May 26 @ RFK 8:00 pm): Imaan vs Priscilla Panthers

Predictions from around the community:

Congrats to CBL on its 10th Anniversary. So it all comes down to this one game; I think the 2 most talented teams made it to the finals this season. Zaki Omar and the ageless Imaan team bring their flawless fundamental talents into battle against Captian Muzz and the dynasty-seeking Priscilla Panthers.  Led by Sharp Shooter Sayem Khan and the ever-understated Tariq Yasin, they look to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Matchups worth watching: Imaan Tariq Yasin vs. Panthers Kawasi Ashby, Wais Vs. Panther’s Omar Salama

Scoring leaders: Imaan   SG Sayem Khan (25.11 ppg), Panthers PG  Omar Salama (17.6 ppg)

Why Panthers can win: Imaan doesn’t have a rim protector of Marc and Kawasi’s Caliber. The Panther’s will give Imaan problems by preventing them from scoring in transition and in the paint. Arfan and Omar are disciplined and quick enough to fight thru Imaans screens to prevent Sy’s sharp shooting capabilities.  Panthers win if Muzz makes his 3’s.

Why Imaan can win: Imaan is deeper than the Panthers and have had more consistent outside shooting throughout the playoffs. Muzz and company will have their hands full with the likes of Wais, Tariq (MVP Candidate), Zak, and Sayem (MVP Candidate) all whom had a stellar Western Conference Finals. Yamah , Wais and Tariq will win the battle in the paint as they are more savvy and poised than Panther’s bigs.  Imaan wins if Wais has a double double.

My Prediction: Tough choice but Imaan wins by 5

--Munir, Maple Park

I think both teams are evenly matched but in different ways.  PPs has a running game and an excellent finisher around the rim in Kawasi.  Imaan has an excellent 3pt shooting and hustle defense.  This game will go down to the wire.  The PPs will trail in the first half but will make a comeback in the second half to keep the game close.  Imaan has been closing out games strong this season.  They have done a good job by getting their opponents into foul trouble and grinding out the win.  Therefore I like Imaan.  – Fahad, Captain Autobots

It is really hard to choose because both teams have a big part in CBL30 to win.  But this is Imaan’s season.  They have unfinished business from last season. T and Wais won’t let this chance get away.  With Sy Curry on their side Imaan wins in a buzzer beater by Wais.  – Raheel, Caliphs

Too close to call.  Either way one of my under 30s will win a chip so I am happy.  – Saffi, Caliphs

For me I see the PPs winning because they are more aggressive. – Junior, Team Eagles

My prediction for these two big teams is that it comes down to two factors.  PPs must stop Sy and Tariq and Imaan must stop Kawasi and Omar.  I see the PPs winning 60-54. – Mike P, Captain Chargers

Congratulations to both teams for making the elusive CBL30 Finals.  As it has been stated, getting to the Chip game is never easy despite whatever level you play.  There are so many factors that have to go your way such as health, family, schedule, rust, etc.  My prediction is usually to stay neutral but this time my heart will go with Imaan as they have been paying their dues to CBL for over a decade.  I would love to see Tariq and Zak and their mates finally hoist the cup.  The PPs is a great team and I love the way Omar and Muzz are playing right now but my choice is Imaan by 2pts.  I just hope there is lots of drama (:  – Farooq, Team Eagles

I hope they both lose.  -- Adnan, TWSS

Congratulations to both teams for making the Finals.  I like Imaan by 8. – Janick (Batista), Team Eagles

We know about Omar and Sy.  Omar will get his points but the supporting cast for the PPs will need to show up on both sides to make the game competitive.  Ultimately Imaan may have just a few more weapons that can support the team in case Sy has an off shooting night.  I go with Imaan by 8.  – CJ,Team Eagles

Tough game to call.  Imaan will win because they have significantly improved free throw shooting than prior seasons.  And in my opinion, that will be the deciding factor.  – Sajed, Captain Team Thunder

PPs have athleticism and hard nose defense.  Imaan has lethal sharp shooters and smart defense and size.  Look for Omar to use his speed to pass by his defender and then score or pass to his best shooter Muzz.  PPs win 61-56.  – Ryan, Caliphs

While every matchup is pretty even, there is no answer for Tariq.  I see Imaan winning by 10 pts as they just have too much offense.  – Kamil, Caliphs

Congratulations to both teams for making the Finals.  May the best team win. – Marlon, Queens Finest

Going to be a fight till the end as both teams can put the ball in the hoop.  Conditioning will determine this matchup.  Who will fatigue first?  He with the iron lungs takes the trophy.  – Jon, Team Eagles

Imaan by 12.  Tariq is a beast in the post season. – Shak, TWSS

Imaan by a 4pt victory in a thriller.  Zak goes off as he gets hot as a PG.  Sy pours in 23 hope and Tariq finishes with a triple double.  -- Mussaib, Primetime

Imaan will take it as it is there year.  Will be a close game but they have too many weapons to stop.  PPs won’t be able to stop one without letting the other go off.  Plus Imaan is a strong team with high IQ.  – Mamoon, Team Maple Park

This will be a tough call.  I like PPs by 1. Kawasi refuse to lose.  – Omar, Chargers

What a showdown this is going to be!  I am going to ride the Panthers bandwagon even though Imaan has guys I really respect.  I see an OT thriller.  -- Razi, formerly of MasterMinds and Chargers

I like PPs.  Omar, Kawasi, and Muzz play very well together. I see Omar with a triple double.  – Tyrone, Queens Finest, Former MVP

PPs will win! – Riz, Team Maple Park

My heart says PPs but my mind says Imaan because they took out 3 time champion Saffi and the powerhouse Caliphs squad.  Very hard to bet against the Ego beast right now.  Please drink extra red juice this week PPs. – Shah, Primetime

The PPs rely on slashing and making tough shots but it is their stingy defense and timely rebounding that gives them the edge in this epic Finals match.  Imaan needs to knock down open shots and push the pace, keeping the PPs on their heels.  I predict a back and forth affair with the PPs prevailing 50-47.  – Ibrahim, Team Eagles

PPs win 224-96.  Imaan can’t stop PPs offense.  – Nick, Autobots, Season 6 Champ, Season 7 Bust. 

Congratulations to both teams.  Great brothers on both teams that I wish could win the chip.  Imaan over PPs is what I predict.  Balance and experience will help them to being this season’s champ! – Ali Ladak, Season 9 Champ TWSS

Imaan and the PPs both coming off huge wins.  They were basically top seed all year, so it makes sense they are both in the finals.  And this is going to be a CBL Classic.  Omar vs. Sy, T vs. Marc.  Wais vs Kawasi. I believe the X factor is going to be Muzz.  If he plays the way he has been playing by hitting big shots, the PPs will pull away with the win.  Prediction: 66-62 PPs. – Shukhan, Caliphs

PPs have good composure and I say they will win.  – Zia, TWSS

I must say both teams are championship caliber teams.  In order for PPs to win the chip Man beast must have a great outing and I mean a 30+ scoring output.  Kawasi had an horrific performance against Imaan last post season and that must change.  Imaan can be beaten as they have hard times vs. athletic teams.  Therefore the X factors will be Marc and Twigs for PPs.  I see the PPs winning this as they come in as underdogs.  Final score 55-54 PPs Omar with a buzzer beater.  Dev, Autobots, Season 6 Champ, Voice of CBL Baby! 

I predict PPs with a 5-8 pt win.  The PPs move the ball and is aggressive on their attacks.  Imaan will need to ensure they keep up the pace and is just as aggressive as PPs when driving or shooting 3 pters.  PPs will win because they communicate very well and move the ball the most compared to other teams.  See you soon.  – Corey, Queens Finest

Both teams are playing great basketball.  This will be a close game that will be decided in the last few minutes.  Imaan will win by a narrow margin due to their shooting.  – Shanni, Maple Park, Season 1 Champ with the Bandits

Congratulations to both teams for making the Finals.  PPs should know Imaan going to stack the box to stop Kawasi and Omar’s penetration to the basket.  Because both teams have weaknesses that can be exploited, it can be anyone’s game.  It will come down to who executes the game plan.  I have no prediction.  Good luck to both teams. - Pops, Maple Park

This is a tough matchup.  I think PPs probably has the best team but this seems to be Imaan’s season.  I must root for my brother Omer and look for Sy and Tariq to get him a chip.  It will be a high scoring affair.  At the end Sy hits a game winner.  Imaan wins 75-72.  – Amin, Captain Chargers

PPs will win if they play tight mid to full court man-to-man defense.  Especially on made baskets.  This will help break disrupt Imaan’s offensive sets.  Also, they should play tight off the ball denial and showing the pick and rolls.  Rotating and closing out on shooters and forcing them into secondary help of Marc and Kawasi for contested or block shots while limiting offensive rebounds.  On offense they should continue to distribute the ball and have a balanced attack and avoid inadvertent quick shots.   The transition offense will also be a plus for PPs.  I like PPs.  - Jean, Chargers - formerly of PPs.

Omar and Kawasi are a great tag team.  Twigs and Muzz are also good in their respective positions.  Imaan has shown that they can come back and win but playing from behind will finally catch up to them.  I like PPs. – Juan, Primetime

Two great basketball teams with great brothers.  I feel the team that has the most will is going to win. ‘humblebeast’ over ‘egobeast’.  PPs 62, Imaan 59.  – Moe H, Primetime

Five Finals Questions - Priscilla Panthers Captain Tuesday,May 24 2016

1. What is the mood in PPs camp as you get ready for the finals?

MH: Our mood is confident yet gracious for the opportunity humbled by the appreciation for the fans of CBL and Imaan as a team. Panthers know what needs to be done to win we just have to execute.

2. What were the top 3 lessons learned from this post season?  Please elaborate.

MH: Every game this season except for (2) games we were down in some cases down double digits, however with our defense of the paint and 3 point territory and our explosive offense output at times we're never out of any games. As evidenced by TWSS we were down 23 came back and won by 11. In regards to playoffs we faced Eagles, we were down 8 at one point and came back and won. Queens Finest we were down 12 came back and blew them out.

Lesson 1: Trust whats working, we've won 11 straight games

Lesson 2: Never doubt our ability to win despite what the scoreboard says

Lesson 3: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, think we have two very clutch players and bar none one of the toughest minded set of guys I've ever played with. All my life I've been fighting and been the underdog, the others on my team share that passion for a good ole fight!

3. Were you surprised that your team only lost one game?

MH: Frankly, yes but also that comes with a caveat. I know when we execute our game and play simple defense the way we can we are capable of going undefeated. 

4. Will playing in RFK - a much smaller school - favor team Imaan?  Will you make any adjustments considering it is a different venue?

MH: No, I am glad we're playing at RFK. With Omar’s speed he's getting to the basket quicker. At QHST he has much more ground to cover on both sides of the ball.  We know Omar has unlimited stamina, Alhumdillah and he is likely the fastest quickest guy barreling down the floor. Only adjustment will be to game plan less around 3's and more focus on quick 2's. You can win or die by the 3 -- we will make sure we give ourselves a fighting chance.

5. What is the plan vs. Imaan on offense and defense?

MH: Pound the middle, take less 3s and let our defense do what we've been doing all year. Stop the 3 Stop the points in paint. Mid-range is the only thing we're willing to give up.

Five Finals Questions - Imaan Captain Monday,May 23 2016

1. How tough was the Caliphs win?  Did you execute the plan or basically it was improvising as the game broke down?  What surprised you the most? 

ZO: The caliphs win was the toughest win we've had.  It was a very physical game and I know all of us are still very sore from that game.  We stuck to our game plan and ran the plays we were comfortable with.  Everyone contributed on our team so that was great to see.  Sult's hot start was surprising to us we didn't account for that happening.  The first game he had less than 10 all game.  He had 24 in the first half so that caught us off guard.

2. What is the mood like for Imaan?  You finally got to the finals after so many disappointing post season losses.  What was the difference this season?

ZO: Everyone at Imaan is relieved to get past the semifinals, but we know it's not finished yet.  We have our eye on the prize and it's what we've been working so hard for all season long. We've been close practically every year.  Our last two semifinal losses have been by 2 or 3 points.  The difference this season has been Wais and Sy.  They've taken a lot of pressure off of the rest of us in the scoring column.

3. What were the top 3 lessons learned from this post season for team Imaan?  Please elaborate.

ZO: Top three lessons would be no lead is too big, trust your teammates, and defend everyone!  We've been down big almost every game, but we have the ability to come back quick.  We learned to trust one another during the later part of the season.  We learned a lot about each other and what everyone does well.  Nobody has to do too much.  In the past we would have mental lapses where we wouldn't guard every player and that has cost us games.

4. Will playing in RFK - a much smaller school - favor team your team?  Why do you prefer RFK HS?

ZO: They call RFK the Imaan school.  The smaller gym helps us because running up and down that court for us isn't as tiring as QHST.

5. What is the plan vs. PPs.  Will you be playing man or zone?  What message do you have for the Imaan fans?

ZO: We will probably go zone and try to take away Kowasi dominance in the paint area.  The message we have for our fans is don't miss this one it's going to be special!  Unlike the stacked PPs team all of our games have come down to the wire and we don't expect this one to be any different.

SemiFinals Recap Sunday,May 22 2016

Game 1: Caliphs vs. Imaan

Both teams are beloved by the CBL community – therefore everyone was looking forward to this intense matchup.  Caliphs with the help of Saffi and Shukhan came out aggressive in the first half.  They took it right to the hole and created easy scoring opportunities.   On defense, they went man which put some of the Imaan guys in foul trouble.  The Caliphs built their lead to double digits and appeared to be heading for a win.  The first half ended with a buzzer beater by the Caliphs to expand the lead.  At halftime, Imaan regrouped and changed their approach in the second half.  With Tariq at the helm, Imaan decided to move the ball and create balanced scoring opportunities. Wais was a key benefactor as he scored 5 FGs in the paint in the 2H.  A few of them were and 1s.  Sayem nailed 3 3s at the most opportune time to either maintain the lead or bring them closer.  The biggest shot was from Yamah with a few mins remaining.  He hit an 8fter from the side which shifted the momentum.  Meanwhile for Caliphs they battled but Saffi and Ryan were in foul trouble which limited their defensive aggression.  Kamil hit 3 3s to keep the game close but overall the Caliphs appeared to be out of sync in the 2H and just couldn’t execute.  The game ended with the Imaan winning by 6 and now will advance to the CBL30 Season 10 Finals for the first time.  Congratulations to Captain Zak and Co-Captain Tariq.

Game 2: Priscilla Panthers vs. Queens Finest

This contest was a tale of two halves.  In the first half it was all Queens Finest as they grabbed each loose ball or made the extra pass to score.   With Panajor leading the way, QF were having their way on offense.  The lead was at double digits and similar to the first game it appeared QF would win it.  However, in the second half PPs woke up and led by Omar’s speed and whit they were able to quickly change the momentum to their favor.  Omar’s penetration set up easy baskets for Kawasi and Muzz.  In fact, Muzz was in a terrible slump in the post season until the second half where he converted on multiple 4 point plays.  Marc joined the fun with his tremendous defense and an occasional bucket which padded the lead.  Midway towards the 2H the PPs had the game secured as everything they were doing seemed to work.  The Queens Finest seemed rattled and made poor decisions on offense and defense.  The PPs lead was over 15 at times and the match-up was pretty much over.  The dagger came with Marc stealing the ball on an inbound play and feeding Muzz who drained another 3.  Omar was the player of the game as he earned a triple double and continued to play like a champ.  Congratulations to the Priscilla Panthers who make their first ever final appearance.  Captain Muzz should be commended for a job well done. 

Post Season Previews - Thursday Games Updated Friday,May 20 2016



Previews, Predictions, Results


Playoff Rd 1

7:00 pm @ RFK


May 19, 2016


Primetime vs. Queens Finest


Primetime has been playing some great basketball despite losing the last two games in a close contest. Queens Finest finished another great season and now find themselves having a rematch from the playoffs of last season. Sure the PT defeated QF last season in the semis.  Sure PT has great defense.  However, they are missing their offense after Wais’ departure.  The offense of Moe, Hamdy, Shafiq, Juan, and Arwin has been average at best. In fact they are one of the few teams to average below 49 pts a game.  This is no longer Season 2 where 40+ got you far. Therefore, they need to shake things up – especially in the final mins where their offense seems to disappear.  The community sees this as a back and forth physical battle with the scoring to be low and the fouls to be high.  At the end, the QF will prevail according to this writer.   Score Prediction: 47-43 queens finest



Primetime came out flat in the first 10 mins and that basically was the ball game.  Their box 1 decision backfired as QF rotated the ball effectively and got everyone involved.  Especially Panajor – who was an efficient floor general.  In the 2H, QF increased the lead to 19pts and really were never threatened.  Although PT made a late push with Mo’s penetration to cut the lead to 6, it was too little too late and yet another season ends in disappointment for this proud franchise.  QF moves onto face the PPs and will look to continue their hopes for the coveted Crescent Cup.    

Final Score: QF WINS!


Playoff Rd 1

8:00 pm @ QHST


May 19, 2016


Imaan vs Autobots

The No. 3 seed Imaan will take on the No. 6 seed ABs in a primetime matchup.  This may be the best Imaan team to-date. Meanwhile the Autobots are dealing with multiple injuries and look dazed with the exception of Nick and Darwin who are playing great lately.  Look for this game to be physical, but close.  If it gets too physical then the ABs will prevail.  However, if Zak and the boys can space the floor and avoid the half court style, they will win.  MVP candidate Sy has already wished Dev a happy retirement with confidence and the community  believes him because at the end of the day, Imaan is too talented and healthier.   

 Score Prediction: 57-54 Imaan



In an intense battle, Imaan edges out a win and advances to the Semifinals for a third straight season.  Tariq was the main man for Imaan as his passing was and huge 3’s were the key difference.  Meanwhile Wais’ defense and Sy’s timely 3s help seal the win over an injured yet inspired ABs who squandered multiple times down the stretch to tie or lead.      

Final Score: IMAAN WINS!


Playoff Rd 1

8:00 pm @ QHST


May 19, 2016


Eagles vs. PPs

The Eagles have the unfortunate luxury of facing the CBL30 history making Panthers with arguably the greatest duo in Omar and MVP and DMVP candidate Kawasi and the sharp shooter Muzz.  Does Los Eagles have a chance?  Yes, anyone has a chance especially this season.  Eagles will have to make a stand defensively and be perfect on offensive to have a chance at winning.  Any errors Eagles make, PPs will take advantage.  In the end, the athleticism and balance of the PPs will be too much for Eagles to handle according to the community.  The PPs wanted the Eagles because they felt it was a favorable match-up.    What the PPs may have forgotten is that Jannick is the best down-low player this season.  So let’s see if Jannick can take  his team out of Rd 1.  The community doesn’t think so.   Score Prediction: 66-61 pps



The Eagles brought the heat in the first half with stingy defense and out-hustling the PPs.  As a result they built an 8pt lead and held the PPs to below 15 pts in the first half.  In the 2H it was more of the same but Kawasi and Omar converted on huge shots as a result of unnecessary miscues of the Eagles offense.  As the game came down the stretch it was Omar and Kawasi who were able to convert and help out the inspired Eagles by 3pts to advance to the Semifinals for the 2nd time in their franchise history.

Final Score: 44-41 PPs



Hadith Of The Week 5/2

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported: Messenger of ALLAH (PBUH) said, "Every day the sun rises charity (sadaqah) is due on every joint of a person: you administer justice between two men is a charity; and assisting a man to mount his beast, or helping him load his luggage on it is charity; and a good word is a charity; and every step you take (towards the mosque) for Salat (prayer) is a charity and removing harmful things from the road is a charity".

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Priscilla Panthers 9 1
Queens Finest 7 3
Imaan 7 3
Caliphs 7 3
Autobots 5 5
Primetime 5 5
Chargers/MP 0 0
Blue Collar East 0 0
Blue Collar West 0 0
Eagles 4 6
Maple Park 4 6
T.W.S.S. 3 7
Chargers 3 7
Thunder 1 9

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Chargers Rafael 25.89
Imaan Sayem 25.11
Eagles Johnny (Batista) 23
Maple Park Farhad 20.86
T.W.S.S. Maaz 20.25
Autobots Devaughn 18.88
Maple Park Munir 17.9

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