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Los Eagles SOAR!!!



Wazzap Game will take place tonight @QHST 7:15. Kammish Kamil will coordinate rosters. Check Wazzap.
Finals Preview - Eagles Vs Fab 5 Saturday,Jun 13 2015




Previews, Predictions, Results

7:15 pm @ QHST

June 14, 2015


Fab 5 vs. Eagles

Here it is.  The moment of truth has arrived.  Fab 5 vs. Eagles – FOR THE CHIP.  The community saw the Fab 5 pull out improbable wins all season and remain the best team in CBL30.  Each week they had issues with attendance, injuries, etc. but they came through.  That man Maaz was the reason.  His ability to play at a high level is the reason they are in the CHIP game.  Credit should go to the role players in Shak, Naveed, Yasar, and company but let’s face it.  No Maaz, No Finals.  Ryan deserves credit too.  Their opponent the Eagles started to Soar after week 6 and have never looked back.  Their trademark swarming defense is absolutely a nightmare for some of the elites like Omar, Ali, Maaz, etc.  The engine is always running for the Los Eagles.  Each week they have knocked out the best.  Can they do it again?  Captain Junior, who was on Fab 5 last season will try to win his first ever Chip.  Having reigning champ Saffi will help.  This contest will feature Saffi and Maaz, as well as the best defense vs. the best offensive.  JD, Junior, Adnan, Randy, Yanni, etc. all played a huge role in the Eagles success.  The keys to winning are simple: The Fab 5 need to somehow survive without a bench and put their faith in that man Maaz.  The Eagles must maintain their mental strength and not get too excited.  On paper it seems like the Eagles have too much strength and stamina to blow this one.  But crazier things have happened in CBL.  The community feels Eagles will prevail and win in a close battle despite Maaz scoring 40+ points. Score Prediction: Los Eagles 67, Fab 5 64. 

Predictions From The Community - UPDATED Friday,Jun 12 2015

Finals: Eagles vs. Fab 5, Sun June 14 @ 7:55 pm.

Here are the community’s predictions:

‘I have saying Eagles since regular season but if Maaz shows up huge, it will be tough but I still say Eagles barring a huge performance by Maaz.’  - Mussaib, Team Decepticons

‘Fab 5 will finally win their Chip with this new squad.  Maaz is playing MVP caliber ball.  Eagles are a new younger team and I don’t think Saffi’s championship experience will be enough vs. Fab 5.’  Juan Team Bandits.

‘Eagles all the way.   You know my anwser.’  Mike, MasterMinds

‘Eagles.’  – Omar, Priscilla Panthers

‘I like the Eagles.’  Tariq, Team Imaan

‘Eagles by 8.  I see them shutting down the paint and harassing Maaz all game.’  Moody, Primetime

‘Two tough teams.  But Fab 5 is a veteran that pulls out victories.    - Khalid, Team Decepticons

‘I think Fab 5may take it.  Eagles have good defense, but I don’t see them stopping Maaz or Ryan enough to pull out a win.’  Chris, Team Autobots

‘Eagles win because Saffi is the smartest player in the league. ’  Saher, Team Autobots

‘Eagles intensity right now looks promising.  Although both teams bring a hustle to the table.  I see the Eagles stealing this one down the stretch.  Either way will be an exciting game to watch. ’  Jon, Team Autobots

‘I have to go with Eagles by 3.  It will be a back and forth battle but the Eagles will wear out Fab 5.  Especially with Saffi and the great team defense of Eagles.’  Amin, Captain of Chargers

‘My prediction: Ryan and Maaz too much to handle for the Eagles.  68-61 Fab 5.    Munir (MVP Season 6), Team Decepticons

‘Eagles are a good and pesky team.  The story line will be Junior who left Fab 5 to start his own team.  The question is can the amazing players Ryan and Maaz pull it off one more game?  It will come down to who plays better Saffi or Maaz?  My prediction: Fab 5 wins it in a close intense game. ’  Raheel, Free Agent, formerly of Autobots.

‘I like the Eagles, as they have the defenders to guard Maaz. ’  Zaki, Team Imaan

‘I have Fab 5 by 8pts.  I know they lost to them earlier but they were missing players.  Can’t believe  TWSS beat them both. ’  Asaad, TWSS

‘Fab 5 will win.’  Twiggs aka Mark, Priscilla Panthers

‘I like Fab 5.  Eagles are due for a loss.’  Marlon, MasterMinds

‘This is tough to pick.  Toss up’  Jean, Primetime

‘This is a tough one to pick.  I love both teams and their personnel but objectively speaking defense wins Chips.  I can see Eagles squeaking out a win unless the role players of Fab 5 step up.  I predict 56, 53 Eagles.  Razi, MasterMinds

‘Congratulations to both teams.  I have Fab 5 winning this game.  Captain Shak will learn and avenge his team’s regular season loss to Los Eagles.    Ali Ladak, TWSS

‘I like Fab 5.  They have the best player on the floor. ’  Moe B, Decepticons

‘My heart says Fab 5 but my mind says Eagles.  I will put my money on Eagles.    Shah, TWSS

‘I like Eagles. ’  Kash, Decepticons

‘Eagles will take this Chip because of their smothering defense.  They all will be over Fab 5 like white on rice.  Eagle will soar 57-52.’  Moe H, Primetime

‘Eagles will win.  They are more athletic and deeper bench.  This benefits them since they play on a long court.  .’  Fahad, Captain, Team Autobots

‘Eagles will win.  Hustle always wins!.’  Nick, Team Autobots

‘Eagles will win.  They have too much energy and the curse of the Fab 5 will continue…. ’  Mamoon, Team Bandits.

‘Fab 5 by 5.  Maaz is Curry. ’  Riz, Captain of Team Bandits.

‘Fab 5 will win. ’  Hamza, Priscilla Panthers

Finals Schedule Thursday,Jun 11 2015

Season 8 Finals Set!

Fab 5 vs. Eagles,

Sunday 7:55 pm – Tipoff @ QHST after Wazzap game

Food and Drinks will be provided

Final Four Preview Thursday,Jun 11 2015

Playoffs Rd 2 – Scoreboard



Previews, Predictions, Results

7:15 pm @ RFK

Round 2

Game 1

Eagles vs. PPs

The first contest of the semis should be an even match-up.  You have two teams that play an up-tempo style on both sides of the court.  They know how to raise the intensity.  The Eagles are now considered one of the best defensive teams in the history of CBL30.  Led by Saffi and Junior this team never stops moving.  As a result good things have happened to them.  The PPs have a similar style led by Omar.  His constant pressure on defense and penetration on offense has set the tone for his team.  As an example Omar’s penetration has created easy baskets for Marc, Arwin, and Muzz.  We expect this to be a back and forth contest with many lead changes.  It will come down to who executes down the stretch.  The keys for PPs is to spread the floor on offense to ensure adequate spacing.  And of course to break the Eagles full court press.  Meanwhile the Eagles keys to winning is to contain the penetration of Omar by denying him the ball and also establishing an offensive scheme, as they chuck too many shots and rely on offensive rebounds and loose balls to score.  In the end, the community likes the Eagles in OT in an extremely physical game.  Score Prediction: Eagles 63, PPs 58. 



Final Score:

8:40 pm @ RFK

Round 2

Game 2


Fab 5 vs Imaan

The last game of the Semi’s will be between two veteran teams that know how to play ball.  They have high IQ, excellent shooters, and great team chemistry.  However, each team is missing a point guard.  Simply put, the team that can handle the ball will win.  The Fab 5 have the best player in the league with Maaz.  His output last week was the single reason why they pulled out a win over the Bandits despite being undermanned.  Can he do it again?  Their opponent in Imaan knows a thing or two about playing through adversity.  With Zak 80 percent healthy and MVP candidate Tariq playing the best ball of his life, will this be enough to knock off Maaz, Ryan, and company?  The community thinks NOT as Fab 5 has the ‘it’ factor all season.  They find a way to pull out games despite the circumstances.  The community sees this contest close and low scoring due to both teams having a limited or no bench.   The key for Imaan is to get Tariq going on offense.  For Fab 5 …it is to maximize Maaz and get just enough from their role players. Community likes Fab 5.  Score Prediction: Fab 5 59, Imaan 54.      



Final Score:


Playoff Bracket - FINAL FOUR SET Monday,Jun 8 2015

Season 8 Playoff Bracket
††††††††††††††††††† Semis ††††††††††††††††††††††† FINALS ††††††††† Semis
††††††† June 14, 2015 @ QHST
1) Fab 5 vs. 7) Bandits†††††††††† FAB 5†††††††† > <PANTHERS 2) Panthers vs. 8) ABs
--> ___________†† vs. ___________ <--
4) Imaan vs. 5) MMs†††††††††††† IMAAN††††† > <EAGLES††††††† 3) PT vs. 6) Eagles
††††††††††††† SEASON 8 CHAMPS
DYK Sunday,Mar 15 2015

The Bandits have never been defeated by TWSS.
Semifinal Preview: TWSS Vs. Thunder Thursday,Jan 29 2015

Match-up: TWSS vs. Thunder

Time: 8:55 pm

Date: January 29, 2015

Place: RFK HS, Flushing Queens

Tagline: For the FINALS!

By the time this game kicks off, both of these teams will have known who will be their opponent if they advance to the finals. The story of these two teams is very attention-grabbing. Thunder pretty much had the same squad last season but crumbled in the wildcard which ended their season in disappointment. This season (without Waqas), they put an emphasis on defense which really is the difference, as their offense has been there all season led by Ennis and Saffi. TWSS on the other hand came into this season with the leagueís best passer in Juju. This was much needed as last season was a complete disaster. Juju made immediate impact and elevated the entire rosterís offensive output. On defense, Andrew was the main man with his tenacious drive and ability to take on the best offensive player of the opponent.The rest of the crew followed.

Both teams finished at 6-5 so it is hard to determine which team is better. Thunder is younger and definitely has better athletes. Letís see if they can exploit that. TWSS has the veteran presence with Waqas and Farooq. The keys to victory for TWSS will be how they defend against the young guards of Thunder in Nadeeb and Saffi. The likely match-up will be Andew/Juju vs Saffi/Nadeeb.For Thunder it will be containing Jujuís passing and penetration.If they can limit Juju, they will have a great shot. The community sees Ennis as the X factor for Thunder.If he can dominate the paint and put Mike in foul trouble, Thunder will be very successful. The X factor for TWSS is always Waqas and Mike as they have not been consistent this season. Simply put, when Waqas and Mike play within their role, TWSS wins.

The community sees this as a fast paced contest with both teams taking it to the hoop and then kicking it out for easy baskets. The action will be non-stop with many ESPN type highlights.Leads will be changed on numerous occasions and we expect this one to come down to the wire.††

Head-to-Head TWSS vs. Thunder:

1 Ė Waqas vs. PJ. Two very good shooters for big men.Waqas is a better rebounder and an effective defender especially if he starts to block shots ala last game vs. Thunder.Edge. TWSS

2 - Farooq vs. Sajed. Captain Sajed is a work-horse. He can do everything. Shoot, penetrate, pass, and even rebound.His counterpart in Farooq can hustle and do the intangibles but overall edge has to go to Thunder. Edge: Thunder

3 - Mike vs. Ennis. Mike is a lesser version of Ennis in the paint.But is a better rebounder if he boxes out.Both men are strong and tough to contain when they have the ball.But edge goes to Thunder as Ennisí game is too versatile for Mike to handle.He can shoot the 3 and dribble and feed his teammates.Edge: Thunder

4 - Juju vs. Saffi. As mentioned Juju is the best passer in the league.His scoring isnít bad either, as he averages over 17pts a game.Saffi averages more but is not at Jujuís level on overall play.But donít discount this wonderful lefty, as he can burn you in many ways.He can shoot from anywhere.Edge: TWSS

5 - Andrew vs. Nadeeb. Andew continues to tear opponentís offense apart.His smothering defense for years has given him such a great reputation.There is no one else you would want to defend the opposing guard.And letís not forget he averages double digits in scoring.His opponent in Nadeeb is a streaky shooter.If he is on, he is unstoppable.Especially from the corner. The community calls this even as Nadeeb is younger which should help in a clock stoppage game. Edge: Even


The bench favors TWSS as they have CJ who can score in the teens and dribble the ball when needed.Randy, if attends, is also a nice addition with his strength and size.†† Meanwhile Thunder has Faiq, who has not been seen for a while. This could be a factor in terms or stamina and fouls. Especially in the final minutes.Edge: TWSS


In the regular season match-up Thunder blew a 20+ lead to TWSS and ultimately lost the game due to loss of focus on second half.It would appear on paper they are a better team.But TWSS has the IT factor with Juju.Therefore, it is hard to pick against them.Score Prediction: TWSS 59, Thunder 55 in OT.



Hadith - June 2015

Abu Hurairah RA reported: Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said, ďHasten to do good deeds before you are overtaken by one of the seven afflictions.Ē Then (giving a warning) he said, ďAre you waiting for such poverty which will make you unmindful of devotion; or prosperity which will make you corrupt, or disease as will disable you, or such senility as will make you mentally unstable, or sudden death, or Ad-Dajjal who is the worst expected absent, or the Hour, and the Hour will be most grievous and most bitterĒ. (Tirmidhi)

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Fab 5 8 3
Priscilla Panthers 8 3
Imaan 7 4
Primetime 7 4
Eagles 6 5
MasterMinds 6 5
Autobots 5 6
Bandits 5 6
T.W.S.S. 5 6
Decepticons 4 7
Thunder 4 7
Chargers 1 10

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Fab 5 Maaz 22.73
Decepticons Moe B. 21.6
Priscilla Panthers Omar 21.3
Decepticons Munir 19.82
Imaan Tariq 19.55
Chargers Burm 18.4
Chargers Raye 16.71

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