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Pops Corner Friday,Apr 18 2014

Week 3 Recaps - 2 Games Thursday,Apr 17 2014

Game 1: Team With Sports Spirit vs. Primetime: TWSS picks up their first ever win by defeating the Primetime in a balanced team effort led by their floor general Moe H who got everyone involved in this early season contest. TWSS started off strong with good perimeter defense creating havoc for Primetime’s offensive flow. Moshin and Moe H did not let the Primetime guards penetrate the entire night. TWSS had a disadvantage in size down low but Mike P, Aftaab, and CJ never let down and made the big plays to ensure victory despite losing the rebound battle. On offense the excellent ball movement helped create open looks for Moshin and CJ who converted. Meanwhile Mike P converted on some inside buckets to seal the win. For Primetime, it seems their rust and lack of ball movement cost them the game. Final Score: TWSS 47, Primetime 43.

Game 2, Autobots vs. DarkKnights. The first two games the Autobots played resulted into two heart-breaking over time losses because they could not execute down the stretch. Well in this contest vs. the talented DarkKnights, Autobots made sure there was not another let down. Both teams started off strong and pumped. There were many lead changes and exciting plays. Both teams kept the match-up close until the final 5 minutes in the second half where the Autobots led by Darwin and Nick converted on key baskets while the rest of the team played solid D. Meanwhile Muhammad’s energy created havoc on DarkKnight’s guards. However, the key reason for the win was making smart decisions in the final minutes and limiting the turnovers. Congratulations to Captain Fahad and the rest of the Autobots on their first every win. Final Score: Autobots 51, DarkKnights 43.
Week 3 Previews - Two Games Wednesday,Apr 16 2014

Previews for Week 3 – Only Two Games -  Games are at Queens HS of Teaching.:

Game 1: Team With Sports Spirit vs. Primetime, at 9:15 pm at Queens HS of Teaching: When the season started, the Team with Sports Spirit (TWSS) just wanted to have fun and hope to be competitive.  Well they did have fun in week 1 but lost.  They have a guy in Moe H who is very talented and has the drive to take his team to the top.  He needs help however.  This week their opponents are Primetime who have gotten off to a blazing start.  Captain Kamil has built a team that focuses on defense and executing on offense.  The community expects this match-up to be low scoring with many turnovers.  Primetime has a bit more talent so they will win it by 5 points.  For TWSS Moe H needs shooters and rebounders.  Guys like CJ and Moshin seem to have that ability.  However it will take time for this new franchise to gel.  One thing is for sure they have the spirit.  Score Prediction: Primetime 45, TWSS 37.

Game 2:  DarkKnights vs. Autobots, at 10:15 pm at Queens HS of Teaching: Both new franchises have gotten off to a slow start.  They are both talented and should be in the mix when it is all said and done.  DarkKnights have bigs (Hamdy and Adrei, shooters (Shafiq and Moe) and role players (Tammer).  Autbots have ballers as well with Nick and Mo.  But they seem to have a meltdown down the stretch as they lost the first two games in OT.  This contest should be fast paced with a lot of scoring and nice plays.  The community predicts DarkKnights to win it in the final minutes due their defense and smart play on offense.  Score Prediction: DarkKnights 57, Autobots 54 in another OT loss for Autobots. 

Week 2 Recaps Monday,Apr 14 2014

Game 1, Decepticons vs. Autobots: In a high scoring battle where the defense fell asleep at the perimeter for Autobots, the Decepticons beat their pals 65-63 with only 5 players in yet another OT game for Autobots. All the Autobots had to do was play solid perimeter D on Moe and Munir. But no, they allowed them to be free and take uncontested shots. And when that happens, Munir (and Moe B) will nail them. Autobots showed some spurts with Nick and Muhammad but they need to align their defense a bit better if they want to beat teams like Decepticons. With this win the Champs are off to an impressive 2-0 start despite the lack of rebounders.

Game 2, Masterminds vs. TWSS: Masterminds were a much better team on paper coming into this contest and the results were not a surprise as the Masterminds led by a balanced defensive effort defeated TWSS (Team with Sports Spirit) by a score of 49-34. Masterminds started off strong with Alfredo leading the way with his strong rebounding and perimeter shooting. Ali Ladak also played superb on both sides of the court for the Masterminds. He made a huge block to shift the momentum. Meanwhile for TWSS it was Moe H making a return to lead his team in points and assists. The rest of TWSS (Mike, Moshin, Aftaab, and TJ) showed signs of good play but they are a ways to go before anyone can take them seriously.

Game 3, Primetime vs. Chargers. Primetime continued its strong start and defeat a sluggish Chargers team by a score of 62-53. The Chargers had difficulties in keeping up with the balanced play of Primetime on this night. Mahmood hit some early 3’s for Primetime which sent a message to the Chargers that Primetime was attacking every chance they get. As the game moved along Arwin, Randy, and Keith played superb on both sides of the court in helping their team to another win.

Game 4, Fab 5 vs. Thunder. Fab 5 started with only 4 players. Thunder was nice enough to allow Juan of the Bandits to play until Shiraz and Tobias arrived for Fab 5. The Thunder started off strong led by the solid play of Sajed and Nadeeb. Shiraz and Tobias had both arrived by mid-way first half. This was a close contest throughout. The lead for either team was no more than 3 at any given point in the second half. The Fab 5 pulled it out in the final seconds due to the solid defense of Shiraz and execution on the offensive side. Final score: Fab 5 45, Thunder 42. With this win, the Fab 5 won their first game.

Game 5, Bandits vs. Imaan. Bandits were missing Andrew and it showed, as Imaan’s main player Tariq was able to penetrate and nail perimeter shots all day long. Due to the fact Tariq was so hot; it created scoring opportunities for the rest of the Imaan crew such as Yamah, Ahmed and Shafiq. The Bandits just couldn’t get their shots to go in the bucket. Mamoun and Shah try to get their team going on the defensive side but Imaan caught all the breaks on loose balls and transition buckets. The Bandits made one last push with huge 3’s from Juan and Randi but it was too little too late. Final Score: Imaan 52, Bandits 47.
Week 2 Previews Thursday,Apr 10 2014

Previews for Week 2 - 5 Games:

GAME 1: Decepticons vs. Autobots, at 8:05 pm, Thursday April 10th @ RFK: What happens after you win a CBL30 Championship? Answer. You split up into teams. This is exactly what happened after the Deceps won their first ever chip. Fahad and Chris decided to part ways and start their own team named the Autobots who had a great showing week 1. Decepticons also had a great showing led by Moe B and their big free agent signee Munir. Thursday these two former friends will square off and battle it out in an early season contest. We expect this to be a high scoring contest with Autobots dominating the interior and the Decepticons taking control of the exterior. The community likes Decepticons though in another close one. Score Prediction: Decepticons 59, Autobots 52. If Autobots want to win, they need to convert down the stretch.

GAME 2: TWSS vs. Masterminds, at 9:05 PM, Thursday April 10th @ RFK: At last we will see the debut of TWSS after all the hype and hoopla. Simply put, this team will rely on Moe H, a young and fiery point guard to lead this new franchise. Captain Farooq wanted to build a team which focuses on playing hard for 40 minutes and executing down the stretch. His main core Azeez, Aftaab, Mike, and CJ will need to buy into that. Their opponent Masterminds went through some significant player movements and are still trying to identify their style of play. The community anticipates this contest to be very physical with the edge going to the Masterminds as they have the length and width vs. the upstart TWSS. The scoring will be low but Masterminds will pull it out in the final seconds. Score Prediction: Masterminds 44, TWSS 39.

GAME 3: Primetime vs. Chargers, 10:10 PM, Thursday April 10th @ RFK:
Primetime vs. Chargers should be an exciting match up with high scoring as a result of great perimeter shooting. Primetime have Arwin. Chargers have Alim Ar, and Raheel. Both teams have superb defenders. Chargers have Yazeed. Primetime have Randy, Mujahid, and Keith. For the Chargers to be successful they will need to spread the floor. The community likes Primetime as they seem to have solid players in each position. The contest will be physical and defense oriented in the first half. But in the end Primetime will win due to their balanced talent. Score Prediction: Primetime 50, Chargers 46.

Two Games will be on SUNDAY (April 14) at Queens HS of Teaching

GAME 4: Thunder vs. Fab 5, at 5:15 pm, SUNDAY April 14th @ QHST: These two teams started off week 1 with losses despite playing well. Thunder has many holes. They don’t play defense and lack good ball handlers. Fab 5 just can’t get into a rhythm. Junior is a great addition but if the team can’t be on the same page, they won’t be successful. This contest favors Fab 5 as they have too many weapons on defense and the reigning MVP Junior on offense. For Thunder, they need to be less predictable on offense. They need to spread the floor and involve the entire team. Waqas can only shoot so much before it is realized he is the only consistent scorer. We expect this to be a low scoring battle with many turnovers. Fab 5 will pull it out in the end due to Junior’s superb play. Score Prediction: Fab 5 46, Thunder 40.

GAME 5: Bandits vs. Imaan, at 6:15 PM, SUNDAY April 14th @ QHST: Bandits looked amazing in week 1 but lost mainly due to untimely defensive rotations vs. Decepticons. Their opponent this week (Imaan) pretty much has the same formula each week which is to feed the ball to the Yasin brothers (Shafiq and Tariq) and let them do the work. Well the Bandits defense with Riz, Andrew, and Mamoun match up superb against them. Therefore, if the Imaan want to win, they need to devise a game plan which involves others. Ahmad and Yammah will need to expand their role this week. This contest should be medium paced with average scoring. The big gym will give the edge to the Bandits as they are faster with Juan, Mamoun, Andrew, and Raza running in the open floor. The community expects Bandits to start slow but finish strong and hang on for the win. Score Prediction: Bandits 52, Imaan 49.

Week 2 Schedule Wednesday,Apr 9 2014

Week 2 Schedule:      
Thurs: Apr 10, 8:05p - RFK Autobots vs. Decepticons
Thurs: Apr 10, 9:05p - RFK TWSS vs. Masterminds
Thurs: Apr 10, 10:05p - RFK Primetime vs. Chargers
Sun: Apr 13, 5:10p - QHST Fab 5 vs. Thunder  
Sun: Apr 13, 6:15p - QHST Bandits vs. Imaan  

Week 1 Recap - Updated Monday,Apr 7 2014

Game 1, Thunder vs. Masterminds: In a low scoring sloppy battle Masterminds defeat Thunder by a score of 41-36. Thunder started off very strong with their new point guard Usman leading the way and setting up Waqas who nailed 3 3pters and finished with 16 pts in the first half. Captain Sajed’s plan of creating shots for Waqas was certainly on point in the first half. In the second half the Masterminds basically led Alfredo carry them to a victory with his powerful inside game and strong defense. Alfredo ended the evening with double digit points and 18 rebounds. Overall both teams looked sluggish due to the layoff and lack of team chemistry as there are so many new players - so it is too early to tell what the future holds. But on this night, Captain Pops pulled out a win despite his team not playing at high level.

Game 2, Fab 5 vs. Imaan: In this contest, the Fab 5 seemed fired up with Junior on their side and basically dissecting the Imaan’s interior defense. The rest of the Fab 5 squad also seemed to play with added energy on this night. Imaan played well and matched Fab 5’s intensity. Both teams exchanged leads throughout the game. It seemed Fab 5 had the win but Imaan was able to tie it in the final seconds and send the game to OT. In OT it was Imaan who buttoned up their defense and executed on offense to win it. Final Score: Imaan 56, Fab 5 53.

Game 3, Bandits vs. Decepticons. As we had reported in the previews both teams have a history of playing solid versus each other over the past few seasons. Each time they play the games are physical and usually are decided in the final minutes. Well this game was no different. The Bandits seemed pumped early on with each player playing within their role. Their new guy Shah had an impact with key buckets on follow up rebounds. Meanwhile, Mamoun and Andrew led the defensive effort and Raza and Juan lead the offensive scheme with perimeter shooting. Result: the Bandits led by 9 points. But the Decepticons, who were clearly lacking the size, used the trio of Munir, Moe, and Shujha to hang around and ultimately pull away in the final minutes for an impressive win in a physical game where we saw their Captain Moe B get slammed each time he penetrated. Despite the loss, the Bandits look superb and will be a solid team as the season progresses. Final Score, Decepticons 54, Bandits 51.

Game 4, Autobots vs. Chargers. The Autobots unveiled their new uniforms which resemble the NY Knicks colors. And there team is not bad either (led by Captain Fahad), as the new franchise got off to a strong start on Sunday vs. the Chargers. Based on first week’s performance, it appears that Autobots’ main two players will be Nick and Devaughn who both scored in double digits and played tough. They led majority of the contest until the final 6 minutes when the Chargers made a strong push mainly due to Alim’s solid offensive performance and Yazeed’s overall game. Both teams had a chance to win it in the final seconds but fell short. Fahad of Autbots missed two free throws with just 0.6 on the clock sending the game into OT. In OT the Chargers sealed with the win by playing stingy defense and creating timely turnovers. Final Score, Chargers 61, Autobots 58.

Game 5, Primetime vs. DarkKnights. Although Primetime has been around a number of seasons, this season’s team has brand new faces for Captain Kamil. This current squad consists of Randy, Wais, Mujahid, Keith, Arwin, and Jack. They took on a new franchise named DarkKnights led by Moe who also introduced some new faces such as Tammer and a few other guys. The game itself was a sloppy offensively inept contest. Both teams made a lot of turnovers and missed easy buckets. Towards the end Primtime’s outside shooting took over and basically sealed the win for them. Final Score. Primetime 47, DarkKnights 45.
Week 1 Previews - 5 Games In Two Days Thursday,Apr 3 2014

Previews for Week 1:

GAME 1: Masterminds vs. Thunder, at 8:05 pm, Thursday April 3rd @ RFK: What a difference a season makes?  Both teams have made significant changes since last season.  Thunder has lost their most lethal scorer and rebounder to free agency.  Masterminds lost league MVP Junior.  However they added the talented Khalil and Ali.  On paper it seems like Thunder is no match but there is a reason why they play the games on the court.  Thunder will feature Waqas as their premier scorer; therefore look for Sajed to penetrate and create opportunities on fast breaks.  Nadeeb will play a factor as well if Thunder wants to go deep into the postseason.  The community expects this to be a fast paced offensive minded contest.  If Thunder wants to win, they need to win the rebounding battle; otherwise could be a long night.  The community likes the Masterminds 52-39 in a battle filled with many turnovers and poor play due to rust.

GAME 2: Fab 5 vs. Imaan, at 9:05 PM, Thursday April 3rd @ RFK: Two teams who really don’t have much flair will square off against each other. The only major roster movement between these two teams is Fab 5’s acquisition of Junior – who will replace Hamdy on the salary cap.  This contest should be even with lead changes and sloppy play mainly due to rust.  The question is?  Will Tariq attend for Imaan?  If so, the edge goes to Imaan because it will be hard to contain him.  As far as Fab 5, the addition of Junior will certainly increase their energy – which is exactly what was missing last season.  The winner of this contest needs to execute down the stretch and limit the turnovers according to the community experts.  Score Prediction: Fab 5 46, Imaan 41.  Junior will ignite that fire that has been off since last season for Fab 5.

GAME 3: Decepticons vs. Bandits, 10:10 PM, Thursday April 3rd @ RFK:
Bandits vs. Decepticons never gets old.  These two have been battling it out for seasons.  Each time they play, you can expect the intensity to go up a notch.  The Bandits seem to have their number when it counts the most.  This season the Decepticons can call themselves the defending champs.   But they know they have to defeat the Bandits to gain their respect.  The Decepticons aka Champs come in with some changes.  They added Munir but lost Chris, Fahad, and Kash.  Many say that they have downgraded in talent.  Meanwhile the Bandits core of Mamoun, Andrew, and Riz are in place.  They added Shah who will help with the rebounding.  We expect this contest to be very physical with strong perimeter defense.  Decepticons will struggle in the rebounding category.  Therefore, the community gives the Bandits the edge.  Score Prediction: Bandits 50, Decepticons 43.

Two Games will be on SUNDAY (April 6) at Queens HS of Teaching

GAME 4: Chargers vs. Autobots, at 5:15 pm, SUNDAY April 6TH @ QHST: These two teams are completely opposite when it comes to team chemistry.  Chargers have been playing together for multiple seasons.  They practice together.  They dance together.  They eat dinner together.  Well you get the point.  Autobots, meanwhile, are a new franchise led by Fahad and Chris who played for Decepticons last few seasons.  They will certainly be underdogs due to the lack of team history.  But we do expect them to play with passion and generate some good competitive fire over the season.  This contest though will be all Chargers since the bigger gym benefits Alim, AR, and the speedy and talented PG Yazeed.  Community likes Chargers in a blowout.  Score Prediction: Chargers 61, Autobots 47.

GAME 5: Primetime vs. DarkKnights, at 6:15 PM, SUNDAY April 6TH @ QHST: Primetime has been around for a few seasons but they will have a completely new look this season still led by Captain Kamil.  Gone are Ali, Khalil, and Abaas.  His main core now will be of Kamil, Randy, Mujahid, and Arwin.  They expect this new crew will now be ready to compete for bigger and better things.  Their opponent DarkKnights will be led by Moe (formerly of Warriors) who has joined forces with Shafiq, Hamdy, Andrey, and Hamza to be the key guys.  This contest on paper looks pretty even.  Both teams can rebound and both teams have balanced offensive players.  We expect a closely contested match-up which will be decided down the stretch.  The community likes DarkKnights because their guys seem just a bit bigger and stronger.  And that will help down the stretch.  Score Prediction: DarkKnights 49, Primetime 45. 



Hadith - April 2014

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) was a healthy, fit active human being. He always encouraged being active & health cautious. Various reports indicate that the Prophet Muḥammad(peace and blessings upon him)participated and or encouraged the following sports related activities: • swimming • archery • horse riding • walking • racing • playing with one's family “His (peace & blessings upon him) stomach & chest were in line.” (Tabrani and Tirmidhi) “The strong (active) believer is better & more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both.” (Muslim).

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Decepticons 2 0
Masterminds 2 0
Imaan 2 0
Primetime 2 1
FAB 5 1 1
Chargers 1 1
TWSS 1 1
Autobots 1 2
Thunder 0 2
Bandits 0 2
DarkKnights 0 2

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Thunder Waqas 21
Autobots Devaughn 20
Autobots Nick 19
Chargers Adurahman Kareem 18
Chargers Alim 18
Autobots Darwin 15
Autobots Chris 11.5

Upcoming Games
Thursday,Apr 24 2014
Imaan  vs  Thunder, at  8:05 PM @ RFK HS
Bandits  vs  Masterminds, at  9:05 pm @ RFK HS
Chargers  vs  FAB 5, at  10:05 pm @ RFK HS

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