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Season Award Winners: Wednesday,Feb 11 2015

Your Season 7 Award Winners are:
Most Improved: Muzz Hafeez, Team Priscilla Panthers
Scoring Champion: Mazz Begawala, Team Fab 5
Defense MVP: Omar Khan, Team Chargers
Sportsman: Devaugn Morris, Team Autobots
Most Valuable: Juju Mansour, Team TWSS

Congrats To The CHAMPS! Tuesday,Feb 10 2015


Championship Preview Friday,Feb 6 2015


Thunder vs. GoodFellas
Time & Date: 8:25 pm, Febuary 5th, 2015
Place: RFK, Queens
Tag Line: Two of CBLs originals, ONE GOAL!
Match-up: There is nothing that can be written on this preview that will reveal the true intensity of this matchup. These two teams will bring their best tonight.  But we cannot get into the current matchup without shedding some light on the history of the two Captains. 

Sajed, was one of the key figures who helped start CBL in its heyday back in 2007.  He has been through all the ups and downs.  Lets not forget Captain Mujahid and his elite Rebels team in CBL Season 1.  He helped lead them to a 10-2 record in season1 along with the #1 seed.  In fact Ennis was one of the stars for his team back then, along with Randy, and Keith.  However that team was shockingly knocked out in the first Rd thanks to the lights out shooting of Bollywood.  Who now stars for them.  So many twists and turn your head may spin.  But whatever the outcome we couldn't be happier for these two to be finally playing on the grandest stage of them all.

Keys to Win: Simply put, Thunder have to box out and keep the GF powerful front court of Andrei, Mujahid, and Keith off the boards.  Lets not forget their guards of Randy, Bollywood and Arwin are solid rebounders too with size.  If Saffi Ennis and Sajed are able to box out and keep the offensive rebounds to a minimum they have a good shot to pull this out. 

But GFs haven't been contained by many good front-courts this season.  So lets look at the backcourt matchups:

PG - Saffi vs. Randy - Thunder have the edge here.  Saffi is a dynamic and electric young player who can take over a game in a multitude of ways.  Key for him is to stay focused as he can be frustrated easily and taken out of his game.  If he keeps his intensity and focus high for full 40 minutes they can pull this one out.  Randy is not the greatest shooter in the world but he can still get to the rim with ease and finish strong.  He has to keep his turnover down tonite. EDGE THUNDER

SG - Nadeeb vs Bollywood - Nadeeb is another young player who can shoot the 3 with the best of 'em.  But Bollywoods track record and explosiveness give GFs the edge.  Edge GFs

SF- Sajed vs. Arwin - Sajed overall play, heart and determination could be the determining factor here.  Arwin has the size advantage and can knock down the 3 with the best of em.  But if Sajed crashes the boards with the madman intensity hes known for Sajed and Thunder could get the edge here.  However Arwins game is simply too polished and he can score points in tons.  Edge GFs.

PF - Ennis vs. Andrei - These 2 compromised one of the best frontlines in league history just a few seasons ago.  Now they are on the opposite sides of the line.  Both have finesse and numerous moves in the post.  Their D is on par with each other with perhaps Andrei getting a slight edge there.  But the outside shooting touch Ennis has displayed this playoff run give Thunder a very small edge here.  The winner of this matchup could decide they winner of the game for their respective teams.

C - PJ vs. Mujahid - Two role players who don't look to score much.  But their team relies on them for defensive rebouding and taking up space in the middle.  This matchup goes to Mujahid because of the sheer intensity he's been playing with the last few weeks.

Bench: Faiq (thunder) Keith, LJ (GFs) - GFs have the edge here because of sheer #s.  Thunder goes with 5 most of the season.. But Faiq can still hit his patented baseline J. 

Prediction:GFs have been on a roll ever since the trade that shipped Moe H out and Arwin in.  With Arwin they do nothing but win.  They knocked out the #1 seed last wk with relative ease.  Thunder on the other hand struggled last week to an OT thriller.  Edge has to goto GFs because of their sheer size and depth.  With the 3pt scoring of Bollwyood and Arwin simply too many weapons to go along with Andreis inside game.  Ennis Sajed and Saffi will have to play the game of a lifetime to give their team a chance.

Prediction:  GFs 71 Thunder 67

Quotes From Around The League Wednesday,Feb 4 2015

Season 7 Finals Predictions – From Around the Community:

‘I like both teams going into this one. When we lost to Thunder Saffi and Ennis combined for 40 plus to beat us. They must do the same against GFs. Playing GF is a war - Enis must battle both Andrei and Mujahid inside and it took me two weeks to recover from that battle. Thunder must find a way for second chance opportunities. Overall ever since that win over GFs they adjusted and are unstoppable. In my opinion, unless Saffi and Enis scores 40 plus combined they won’t win. I predict GFs 57, Thunder 51. Devaughn, Team Autobots

‘Goodfellas are my pick to win. They play hard defense and have each other’s back. Thunder argues with each other too much. – Maaz, Team Fab 5

‘Preseason no one would have thought these two would be here fighting for the elusive CBL30 trophy. A tale of two vastly different teams with execution on defense being imperative, GF have the size but the Thunders offense has become a well-oiled machine right on time. Thunder will win 48-42. Hamdy, Team Fab 5

Good fellas ... They're solid team all around defensively with mujahid, randy, arvin and Andre. They grind out to the finish and are tough team. -- Omar, Chargers

Goodfellas, Andrei, Arvin, Randy, mujahid, mentally strong 4, on the other side saffi Ennis and Sajed have to play championship style basketball, no room for error GF 50- Thunder 46. - Shafiq, Bandits

Thunder wins. Too many offensive options and a steady game plan make them a difficult opponent for anyone. -- Ali Ladak, MasterMinds

The thunder four horsemen will carry them to a win. -- Mamoon, Bandits

Goodfellas will win because they have more muscle and aggressiveness. My prediction is Goodfellas by eight also because they will have a great coach. -Kamil, Primetime

Thunder because i started that team. - Shafi, Original Captain of Team Thunder

Good fellas 57 Thunder 49 ... Good fellas are meshing at the right time. They have good guards and defensive minded bigs ... Good fellas will win -- Munir, Reigning Mvp, Decepticons

I think good fellas they look too strong right now. -Saher, Autobots

I believe Good Fellas will be the victor of the CBL 30 Finals, as they have been gaining momentum going into the finals. Good Fellas have a good attitude and play with a lot of enthusiasm and intensity as of late. If they continue to play together, physical and encourage each other during the game they should be 2015 Champs. However, it will not be easy as Saffi, Ennis, gunner Nadib have been playing clutch ball. But I am sure Sajed will keep his head in the game and execute offensively down the stretch. But I like Thunder. – Jean, Masterminds.

GoodFellas will win a close battle. Their ability to dominate in the paint is difficult to overcome. – Shani, Decepticons.

‘Thunder brothers are good players. They will win. Junior, Team Fab 5

How did Thunder make it? Lol. If I was a betting man, I would say GoodFellas. -Darwin, Autobots

GFs are bigger than Thunder. Thunder doesn’t have rebounders; therefore GFs will win – Mike, TWSS

Good Fellas will win. Only because they are too strong inside. Thunder has match-up nightmares. If Thunder wants to have any chance to win they can’t panic from the heavy assault GFs will bring in the 1st half. If Thunder survives that, then you can see an upset. Sajed must find a plan to defuse Muhajid and let him talk smack. Good luck fellas and May the best team win. -Pops, Masterminds.

GFs too physical. Too big. Too fast. Great rebounding team. If Thunder can box out, they have a chance. But I’d say GoodFellas. -Nick, Autobots, Season 6 Finals MVP

Thunder all the way as captain Sajed gets his first taste of the Crescent Cup. - Abdullah, Original Organizer, CBL

I think GFs will win because they are more physical than Thunder. They have a game changer in Bollywood who could light it up. Goodfellas all the way! -- Sammy, CBL 30 2 time champ, Bandits

I think GFs. Both teams play with a lot of heart and charisma. But I think GFs are really hot right now and that will be the difference. I do expect a close game. -- Khalil, MasterMinds

Thunder will win. Since day one they had the most balance squad in the league. They have the outside shooting of Nadib, inside play of Ennis and the individual scoring of Saffi. They have had a 10 point lead on every team in the league this season. They just have to be able to finish. – Juan, Bandits

Thunder because any team that goes through TWSS deserves a chip. (:. Randy. TWSS

Love the match-up as both teams were not expected to get this far. I think Thunder prevails in a nail biter. -- Razi, Chargers

Thunder will win because as a Charger we came against them after being down 20. Should be a great game to the last posession. -- Mussaib, Primetime

I like Thunder. Faisal, Decepticons.

Congratulations to both teams in getting to the finals. That is a huge accomplishment in itself as there are so many obstacles such as schedule, injuries, questionable calls, etc. that affect a team’s chances. I like both teams as I have seen these bros since 2006. At the end I think GFs have too much balance and firepower to overcome. Final Score, GFs 62, Thunder 57. – Farooq, TWSS

Thunder will pull it off. – Yasar, Fab 5

I like GFs because I will be playing. Andrei, GFs.

Sajed and Mujahid are two CBL originals, and both good friends, hate to pick one but you always wanna say you lost to the eventual Champs! So Thunder go get it!!! Waqas. TWSS

FINALS ITINERARY Tuesday,Feb 3 2015

CBL30 Season 7 Finals; Itinerary
Thur: Feb 5, 2015 @ 7:05-10:30 pm
Venue: RFK HS, Flushing Queens
 7:05 p - Arrival & Warm-up
 7:25 p - Wazzap Game 
 8:10 p - Finals Pre-Game
 8:15 p - Food Arrival
Finals Tip-Off  8:25 PM
 9:15 p - Awards @ Halftime
 9:55 p - Finals Post Game
10:05 p - Finals MVP Announced
Finals Are Set! Friday,Jan 30 2015

Championship is set:


GoodFellas shock Fab V in a thrilla! Thanks to some inspired play and a very tough and physcial frontline GFs deafeated the #1 seed. Overall excellent D from Mujahid and the slashing and hussle of Randy paired with lights out shooting for Anees and Arwin spelled disaster fro Fab V.† A great regular season came to an end vs an inspired GF squad.

The second Game was the best game of the playoffs so far.† As was the script in their regular season match up Thunder jumped out to an 18 pt lead and look to put TWSS away early.† But TWSS battled all the way back thanks to the tremendous D led by Andrew.† An injury to Juju limited him somewhat but TWSS made no excuses and came all the way back to take a 2 pt lead.† A crucial layup was missed by TWSS giving Thunder another chance.† Thanks to some clutch 3pt shooting by Nadeeb and excellent overall play by Ennis and Safi Thunder pushed the game to OT.† In OT Ennis took over against a depleted TWSS frontline getting several AND1s and even reboundig his own missed FT.† Thunder survive an OT thriller and now book a ticket to the Finals!

Finals Date: February 5, 2015 @ 7:55 pm @ RFK HS. Dinner will be provided.
Semifinal Preview: TWSS Vs. Thunder Thursday,Jan 29 2015

Match-up: TWSS vs. Thunder

Time: 8:55 pm

Date: January 29, 2015

Place: RFK HS, Flushing Queens

Tagline: For the FINALS!

By the time this game kicks off, both of these teams will have known who will be their opponent if they advance to the finals. The story of these two teams is very attention-grabbing. Thunder pretty much had the same squad last season but crumbled in the wildcard which ended their season in disappointment. This season (without Waqas), they put an emphasis on defense which really is the difference, as their offense has been there all season led by Ennis and Saffi. TWSS on the other hand came into this season with the leagueís best passer in Juju. This was much needed as last season was a complete disaster. Juju made immediate impact and elevated the entire rosterís offensive output. On defense, Andrew was the main man with his tenacious drive and ability to take on the best offensive player of the opponent.The rest of the crew followed.

Both teams finished at 6-5 so it is hard to determine which team is better. Thunder is younger and definitely has better athletes. Letís see if they can exploit that. TWSS has the veteran presence with Waqas and Farooq. The keys to victory for TWSS will be how they defend against the young guards of Thunder in Nadeeb and Saffi. The likely match-up will be Andew/Juju vs Saffi/Nadeeb.For Thunder it will be containing Jujuís passing and penetration.If they can limit Juju, they will have a great shot. The community sees Ennis as the X factor for Thunder.If he can dominate the paint and put Mike in foul trouble, Thunder will be very successful. The X factor for TWSS is always Waqas and Mike as they have not been consistent this season. Simply put, when Waqas and Mike play within their role, TWSS wins.

The community sees this as a fast paced contest with both teams taking it to the hoop and then kicking it out for easy baskets. The action will be non-stop with many ESPN type highlights.Leads will be changed on numerous occasions and we expect this one to come down to the wire.††

Head-to-Head TWSS vs. Thunder:

1 Ė Waqas vs. PJ. Two very good shooters for big men.Waqas is a better rebounder and an effective defender especially if he starts to block shots ala last game vs. Thunder.Edge. TWSS

2 - Farooq vs. Sajed. Captain Sajed is a work-horse. He can do everything. Shoot, penetrate, pass, and even rebound.His counterpart in Farooq can hustle and do the intangibles but overall edge has to go to Thunder. Edge: Thunder

3 - Mike vs. Ennis. Mike is a lesser version of Ennis in the paint.But is a better rebounder if he boxes out.Both men are strong and tough to contain when they have the ball.But edge goes to Thunder as Ennisí game is too versatile for Mike to handle.He can shoot the 3 and dribble and feed his teammates.Edge: Thunder

4 - Juju vs. Saffi. As mentioned Juju is the best passer in the league.His scoring isnít bad either, as he averages over 17pts a game.Saffi averages more but is not at Jujuís level on overall play.But donít discount this wonderful lefty, as he can burn you in many ways.He can shoot from anywhere.Edge: TWSS

5 - Andrew vs. Nadeeb. Andew continues to tear opponentís offense apart.His smothering defense for years has given him such a great reputation.There is no one else you would want to defend the opposing guard.And letís not forget he averages double digits in scoring.His opponent in Nadeeb is a streaky shooter.If he is on, he is unstoppable.Especially from the corner. The community calls this even as Nadeeb is younger which should help in a clock stoppage game. Edge: Even


The bench favors TWSS as they have CJ who can score in the teens and dribble the ball when needed.Randy, if attends, is also a nice addition with his strength and size.†† Meanwhile Thunder has Faiq, who has not been seen for a while. This could be a factor in terms or stamina and fouls. Especially in the final minutes.Edge: TWSS


In the regular season match-up Thunder blew a 20+ lead to TWSS and ultimately lost the game due to loss of focus on second half.It would appear on paper they are a better team.But TWSS has the IT factor with Juju.Therefore, it is hard to pick against them.Score Prediction: TWSS 59, Thunder 55 in OT.

Semifinal Preview: Fab 5 Vs. GoodFellas Wednesday,Jan 28 2015

Match-up: FAB 5 vs. GOODFELLAS

Time: 7:25 pm

Date: January 29, 2015

Place: RFK HS, Flushing Queens

Tagline: For the FINALS!

Let’s just say it…no one expected these two teams in the Semifinals when the season started. Fab 5 was coming off a one win season and GoodFellas never existed.  And even when they did exist, they struggled mightily.  But that was then and this is now.  Now are the Semis where the winner will compete for the coveted brand new CBL30 Cup!

If you pay close attention, both of these teams have a similar style of play. They both thrive on upbeat play and play excellent team defense.  The one glaring difference is on offense. GoodFellas don’t rely on any particular scorer to generate their points.  However, Fab 5 relies on their young superstar Maaz to carry the scoring weight.  The Question is: What if Maaz has an off night?

This contest, the community anticipates will be physical, low scoring, and defensive oriented.  The lack of bench of GoodFellas could be their downfall as their will be clock stoppage. 

Head-to-Head FAB 5 vs. GOODFELLAS:

1 – Junior vs. Arwin. Junior loves to penetrate, shoot, and secure rebounds.  Arwin’s strength is to move the ball and drain shots beyond the perimeter.  It seems like since he joined GFs he has found his game.  However, playing against Junior will be tough.  Edge. FAB 5

2 - Shak vs. Mujahid. Both men are considered big men. They usually focus on defense and grabbing rebounds.  Any scoring is a plus.  Mujahid is strong and energetic.  Shak has high bball IQ and positions himself effectively.  This should be another interesting dual.  Edge: EVEN

3 - Yasar vs. Anees. Two different styles here.  Anees plays upbeat and likes to run the open floor.  His strength is to penetrate and shoot.  His weakness is that at times he over does this routine which leads to critical turnovers and momentum changes.  Meanwhile Yasar plays within his role.  Plays tight defense and capitalizes on easy scoring opportunities.  Anees definitely has more of an upside but the season that Fab 5 is having we calling this even.  Edge: Even

4 - Maaz vs. Randy. Randy may be older but he is running like a youngster.  His defense and offense has been the best ever these past few weeks.  In this match-up, Maaz has the obvious edge because he is younger and has proven to be the best scorer in the entire league.  While Maaz may not be the better dribbler, he is a smarter player and effectively involves his teammates.  Edge: FAB 5

5 - Hamdy vs. Andrei. Both men are superb rebounders.  Both men are great team players. Andrei is a better offensive player with his ability to penetrate to the basket and put back missed shots.  Hamdy is a better mid-range shooter.  The edge goes to Andrei for his versatile play.  Edge:  GOODFELLAS


The bench clearly favors Fab 5 as they have Usman Ghumman, Tobias, and Naveed.  GoodFellas seems to have lost their bench completely.  Therefore that could be a huge factor in terms or stamina and fouls. Edge: FAB 5


The Fab 5 have only lost one game since Hamdy joined them in week 3. The community does not see anyone stopping the Fab 5 train which has been steamrolling over their opponents while clicking on all cylinders.  GoodFellas are a great feel good story for CBL30 but their lack of bench and team play will cost them according to the community.  Score Prediction: Fab 5 57, GoodFellas 51.




Hadith - February 2015

Narrated Um Kulthum bint Uqba: That she heard Allah's Apostle saying, "He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar."

Team Standings
Team Win Loss
Fab 5 9 2
Bandits 8 3
T.W.S.S. 6 5
Chargers 6 5
Thunder 6 5
Decepticons 5 6
GoodFellas 5 6
Masterminds 5 6
Autobots 4 7
Primetime 4 7
Priscilla Panthers 4 7
Imaan 4 7

Top Players
Team Name PPG
Fab 5 Maaz Bigewala 22.27
Decepticons Moe Bigewala 20.36
Thunder Saffi 20.18
Priscilla Panthers Omar 19.2
Autobots Devaughn 18.1
T.W.S.S. Juju Mansoor 17.44
Priscilla Panthers Muzz H 16.27

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